Thursday, March 18, 2010

My favorite salad

I made this for my hubby two Valentines Day's ago and thought it was delicious. So back out it came for Week 2 of the challenge. Thing is, it's a bit costly to make, but oh so good. So some day, with the pennies you've saved not buying soda, go out and get the stuff to put this plate together.

Mixed gourmet salad (hand tossed w/ 1 tsp olive oil, kosher salt, pepper to taste)

Add on top:
13 walnut halves
2 thin slices proscuitto cut into strips
about 6 soft goat cheese crumbles
sliced grilled peaches (when in season, not counted in calories)

Drizzle with this heavenly goodness:
1/4 cup balsalmic vinegar reduced to 2 tbsp
stir in 2 tbsp honey to warm reduction

Add a slice of home baked rye on the side and Voila! 476 calories of yum for lunch.


  1. I've decided you have been masquerading as a non-cook while really you are a super chef in disguise! This salad looks delish. I think a really good salad only needs a few things: some soft cheese, some fruit, some nuts and dark greens. YUMMY.

  2. A few too many walnut halves there. Make that 9.

  3. How do you grill the peaches, doyou think you can do it in a grill pan on top of a stove?

  4. Looks so good...I already ate dinner, but this makes me hungry again.

  5. Grill works best. But you can broil too. Or fry 'em up using cooking spray.