Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One minute of sheer torture

I've been taking an exercise class twice a week at my local rec center for a few months now. It begins and ends with the single hardest exercise I've ever done: the plank. The plank involves holding a push up position for a set time period, on your elbows, hands flat on the floor, knees up (the hardest). At first I could only do 20 seconds. But now I can hold the plank without touching my knees down for the entire minute (only the one at the beginning of class, mind you; my gut can't stand the heat by the end). How many seconds can you hold the plank?

My 5 year old, Hugo, is not doing the plank correctly. Thought this would make you smile.


  1. Yeah, Jillian Michaels is real big on the plank so I've become better at it. I think on the first workout I could only hold it for about 15 seconds, but now I've worked up to doing walking planks (alternating from hands to elbows while keeping the knees up). It's a great core exercise.

    Tell Hugo to drop that bootie!

  2. I did a boot camp last summer and the plank was a staple. At first a few seconds was all I could do at the end I held the plank for 3 minutes. You have inspired me to set a goal to get back to where I was.


  3. Hugo and do the plank the same way, we must be related.....oh, we are! Love that boy!