Thursday, March 18, 2010

Here look what I did! I finally put a picture on here. You can guess which one is me or I will tell you that I have two great looking daughters. This was taken a few years ago, but I just couldn't bring myself to put one of the "real" me.
I have been counting calories this week and feel good about keeping them down except for the last day when I went on a little ice cream rampage. I have been walking everyday. I have set nine goals for myself and hopefully will pass one of them this weekend. (Cross my fingers, I should say, shut my lips) I admire all your beautiful pictures of dinner, your will power, and sometimes your lack, thereof. Keep up the good work and I will too!


  1. Baby steps my friend!! You are improving and making your life better each day and that's what matters most!
    Way to go!!!

  2. If anyone can or will achieve their goals it is you Julie. I ADMIRE and adore you, keep counting, exercising and occasionally having some ice cream.

  3. I think you're setting a great example for those beautiful girls. We all have to have our rampages. I had an Italian cheese rampage last night. Every bite was so yummy!

  4. Man I love the women in that picture! And hey Auntie Julie, we all have our weak moments. I ate four Samoas last night . . . that's a whopping 300 calories! You rock!

  5. Julie! The great part about this experience is that it's real life. We're never going to be perfect in are eating or exercising or anything else for that matter. What matters is getting back up and going again.

    I'm to easily swayed but blowing it one day and telling myself that I'll give in for the rest of the week and start again on Monday.

    I can't tell you how many Monday's I've "started again."

    Enjoy the the cravings and keep going, because seriously, who doesn't love lots of ice cream!!!!!