Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fruits & Veggies The Illusive 1 Point

This Illusive 1 Point may make or break your success.

Eating your fruits and vegetables everyday may seem easy for some and hard for others. The real question is. How many fruits and vegetables are you suppose to be eating? Nutritionist have changed this so many times over the years that it's hard to know exactly what we are suppose to be doing.

The latest mantra is 5 A Day! Sound familiar? What they don't remind you is that it's more veggies and less fruit. I think they are just happy if people are eating fruits and veggies. Why be so happy? Well, most people probably eat just carbohydrates and proteins. You can actually stay within a normal caloric intake doing that but you will probably still be hungry and you didn't get a lot of the vitamins and nutrients that you're body needs.

If you are eating your fruits and veggies then you will actually have more food to eat since those foods are so low in calories, feel more full and be getting those essentials that your body needs.

I personally am using the My Pyramids suggestions on exactly how many fruits and vegetables I need. Using the My Pyramid Worksheet you can pick your calorie range and it will let you know how many fruits and vegetables that you need in that range. Then using My Food-a-pedia
you can type in any fruits or vegetable you may not know the calories on and find out what it is and also how many servings it is. Sue has shared these sites with us and I've also linked them on the side. She has found success and I'm starting to see results too!

So don't just claim the point because you think you ate enough...really check it out and I promise it will help with your success.

Here is a little trick I use. It's funny that Samantha posted about Costco smoothies. They are yummy and a great choice at Costco. Those churros are so hard to pass up. Here is my at home version. Less sugar and lots of protein, fruits and vegetables. It's a complete meal for only 300 calories.

I use 1 cup skim milk
1 scoop whey protein powder
1 cup frozen berries
1 cup baby spinach

Yes, hear read that right! Spinach. You can't even taste it and it adds so much good stuff.

It makes a nice deep purple color. You don't want to let this sit for more than a half hour because the green juice of the spinach will start to take over and it won't look so pleasing. But, from experience it taste just as good!
Eat those fruits and veggies Ladies!!!!


  1. How sneaky of you! More veggies, yes. I will strive for my five!

  2. What a great wazy to get your kids to eat the veggies too.