Thursday, March 18, 2010

Free Range Days

So, I'm wondering what you all do on your free-range days. Do you go hog wild or just barely eek over your range? I ask because tonight is date night and, now that I'm no longer sick, I'm trying to decide where to eat and what to order. I find that it's hard to go hog wild knowing that I'll have to report back to my food journal at the end of day hog-tied.


  1. My suggestion is to order a main meal that meets the 450 calorie challenge requirement (get that challenge out of the way), then go hog wild on the dessert. That's just me, though.

    When I had a free day last Saturday, I ate very small meals during the day, then ate whatever I wanted in the evening (Mexican food and banana splits- YUM!) I still wrote down my calories, and because I was very careful earlier in the day, I only went over by 400 calories. Nothing a little extra exercise couldn't make up for.

  2. I think your free day probably depends on why you are having a free day in the first place. My free day so far involved a great day and then snacking on things I shouldn't have for to many hours into the night....I lost my 2 points for not eating before bed.

    Last session with my other group I ate really well all day and then went to sweet water for dinner. I actually didn't pig out as much as I normally do when I go there but I did come back and have ice cream with my mom to celebrate her birthday.

    I'm sure that a super fun day would be a little cheat all day long. Maybe a bag of chips your craving, a little Easter candy and and a fabulous meal with dessert, not stressing about what's in the potatoes, or what sauce they put over my steak.

    Whatever it is enjoy it. Have a fun date night.