Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weight Gain

So, there are 8 people pregnant in my area (two wards, which split recently, so I know everyone). 3 of us are due within a week of each other (December), and the rest anywhere from August to November. Yes, I really believe they put something in the air ducts at church. I know I'm only nine weeks into a 40 week long event, but I've already gained weight. And I'm having a really hard time with it. Well, it's really easy to gain the weight, but mentally, it's taking it's toll. I've always been pretty happy with my body and I've never been much for comparing my figure with others. I am who I am and this is how my body is, it's just not like yours, and that's okay. But now, I feel differently. I don't know if it's pregnancy hormones, or the fact that every week at church someone would comment on how good I look (I know, it shouldn't matter what others think), but now, I am already comparing myself to how all the other pregnant ladies look. I am short-waisted, seriously, there is a 2" space from the bottom of my rib cage to the top of my pelvic bone. That is not a lot of room for a growing baby. And I retain a lot of water, so my face is fat, my boobs (as we know) are even bigger (I've gone up a cup size). I am NOT a cute pregnant lady (although someone at church recently told me that there is a beauty in all pregnant people, even if they don't look good...yeah). With my other 3 pregnancies, I always gained right around 40 pounds. So, now I'm comparing myself to all the other cute, pregnant ladies. And I feel fat and depressed. Tired and lazy. Sick and...gross. I know that everyone is trying to lose weight on this blog (or maintain and live well), but any ideas on how to overcome the MENTAL challenges of GAINING weight? I don't want to spend the next couple of years comparing baby weight to the 7 other people who are having babies too. I seriously need help. HELP!


  1. It must be hormonal, because this is not like you at all! Add to the fact that you feel so crummy all the time, and it's hard not to get down on yourself about something. You'll feel better in about a month, and I bet you'll start perking up then. I love you.

  2. Being pregnant does play serious havic on your body. I think it is great you are conscious of it, even though it is driving you nuts. When I was pregnant with my boys, my emotions were CRAZY! And I didn't care what I ate. My last baby I gained 50 pounds. Throughout the whole pregnancy I thought, "who cares, I'll just deal with the consequences when I'm done." Really bad idea. Here's my take on it: You can still be a part of this blog. You can still exercise 30 min a day, even if it is a walk. I would eat as healthy as you can and let your body do the rest. If you are conscious, which from the post you clearly are, than you'll be fine. It's your fourth baby right? Your body knows how to do this and you are going to start showing a cute pregnant belly before all the others who are just starting out. I know it is so hard to get out of a slump, even when you aren't pregnant. Just do what you can and give yourself some slack. Be okay with what you are feeling: sick, gross, tired, lazy, etc, and don't let yourself get worked up.

  3. This being a recent experience of mine, is not fun, but you can make it more positive. I love being pregnant but I obviously hate the effects of pregnancy on my body. I've realized that my body changes based on my babies. I gain wait differently based on the nutrients they need. I also realized that my baby needs a good strong mom to carry it and if it means gaining a little extra weight and not looking 100% for a few weeks then so what. At least I know my babies will be healthy and happy and I can enjoy that time with them in my belly!! It will pass, and you are beautiful!

  4. Only other mothers can appreciate the mental challenge of preganacy and visually watching your body morph before your eyes. I think the key is to decide from the beginning that your goal is to remain HEALTHY, not to gain only a certain amount of weight or to look as cute as the woman sitting next to you in church. One of my favorite things that Melissa told me a couple weeks ago was that she loved that this blog is called "HEALTHY Wife, Happy Life", not "SKINNY Wife, Happy Life". There is a huge difference. As we work and struggle and keep trying on this health blog, I think we're all finding that what started as a goal to lose weight has become something much deeper and more enduring. We're no longer just trying to lose weight, we're trying to permanently change our lives.

    I'm planning to start trying to get pregnant at the end of the summer. If I'm doing the math right, that will be right when I'm reaching my goal size and will probably be the healthiest I've ever been. It's hard to think about gaining weight and losing my newly attained cute body. But I realize that this pregnancy will the healthiest, and hopefully the easiest to recover from, because I've worked hard to establish these good health and fitness habits that I intend to continue throughout my pregnancy.

    So just stick with us and count your calories (adding those luscious 300 extras you get for growing the baby), do moderate exercise, drink lots of water and just focus on staying healthy.

    7-11 weeks is always the hardest time of my pregnancies because I feel so nauseated and tired all the time. I don't know you personally, but I'm gonna have to totally agree with Mindy that this is probably just the first trimester yuckies that will soon pass. Just hang in there and soon you'll be feeling better and be excited about having a healthy pregnancy and looking forward to the sweet little one growing inside of you.

    By the way, Audrey, will you fix the link to Jenn's bio (Just Jenn, March 12)? I remember reading your bio, Jenn, so I went searching for it tonight. And I had to laugh at the picture of you hiding your boobs behind the birthday cake!

  5. What great comments, I feel inadequate to add anything meaningful because I haven't been pregnant for 32 years. Time moves so quickly ladies and so I'm here to tell you enjoy each day and each season of your life.

    Jenn, don't compare yourself to others. We are all unique, coming in different packages with different health issues. Now more than ever you need to eat healthy, not overdoing your calories but adding the 300 extra that are needed for a healthy bambini. You can exercise up till delivery but it should be adjusted to your pregnancy. I was fortunate when I was pregnant to gain no more than 40 pounds. I've never been an exerciser but I had a friend who was running big time well into her 8th month of pregnancy. She and I delivered on the same day with the Doc running back and fourth between our delivery rooms. She bounced back quicker after pregnancy than I did and I attribute it to all that exercising and it was her first child while mine was my last.

    Just remember that pregnancy is not an excuse to eat as much as you want although many women do just that.

    Moderation, common sense and knowing that your alien body will get back to a new normal are good things to remember. You can be a healthy happy wife during this time....personally I think pregnancy is a miracle.

  6. Comparison is only good if it motivates you to do or be better. If it makes you feel bed, forget about it. If you're feeling the urge to compare, then compare yourself with yourself! Try to make this pregnancy the healthiest one you've had!

    You can still eat healthy and exercise on the days where your hormones aren't raging for Dairy Queen treats and, if you're trying to do that, you should feel great about yourself!

  7. Thank you! All of your comments have uplifted me and given me the resolve to have my healthiest pregnancy! I'm so glad I have you all for support!