Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Secrets to Success

Here are few items that I use almost everyday to help keep my potions in check.

I have two sets of measuring spoons and measuring cups...I use them non stop to measure out cereal, milk, fruit, dressings. I even took a measuring spoon to Chick-fil-A a couple of weeks ago to measure out my favorite dressing on my favorite salad...didn't want a guessing game.

With two sets of everything I'm less likely to just guess since what I need to measure is in the dishwasher.

My other favorite item is a chili bowl. I bought these several years ago and I love them. I can't imagine what I'd do without this size bowl. I love that when I measure (and I've gotten pretty good at eyeballing in this bowl) out my cereal that it fills up the bowl. I don't feel like I'm getting jipped and that's a big deal because I love cereal. Add a banana and it's overflowing....I feel like I'm getting a lot. Wait I am...getting what I should.

The next item is my red plate. I kept them out one year after Christmas because it was a good size to feed my kids on...that wasn't plastic. It's also a great size for me to eat on. I use it often for lunch or dinner and it helps keep portions under control.

I also love my scale. It's digital. It's also about to zero out after you stick something on it. So if you want to measure out a pound of fruit you can stick a bowl on the scale, zero it out and then add your fruit and get an accurate measurement. I use it to measuring things like my favorite canned chicken from Costco that tells me that 6 ounces is a serving. No more guessing. I also use it to weigh my meat. I like knowing that I'm getting the right portion and not three times what I should be eating.

Last but probably my favorite is my food wand. This is my super duper new one that my awesome bro-in-law gave me for Christmas. It was out of the "acceptable price range" but I'm not complaining because I love it. I've been using food wands to make protein shakes since I was in high school. I parents make protein shakes every day and I do too! This is the easiest way to do it and the clean up is super fast.

I have a really nice blender that my grandma gave me when I got married...I think I've used it three or four times because the hand blender is so much easier. I use it in soups too to give it that creamy texture some of my favorite need. No batches in the mixer here, stick the wand right in the pot and give it a whirl.

It's amazing how helpful these items can be...what do you use?


  1. I need a wand because I am soooo tired of washing my blender everyday!! I use a lot of the same tools. Mostly my measuring cups. I have the same huge can of chicken but haven't eaten yet for the exact reason of not being able to tell how much the serving is. I definitely need to get some better tools, but I am using what I have for now.
    I like your idea of the smaller plate too. I really need to do that because my dinner plates are HUGE and my salad plates look about the same as the one you have (red too :)

  2. Your items look almost exactly like mine. I love my digital scale. I got a vita mixer for Christmas for my shakes and smoothies. I do wish I had a few more measuring cups and spoons. They get used to many times these days. What kind of protein powder do you use? I use the EAS Protien Powder from Costco, but I haven't been able to find it the last couple times I've been there. I've heard some of them can be kind of nasty so a little nervous to venture away from my comfort zone.

  3. I've been using Body Fortress. You can find it at Wal-mart or Target. I've used both chocolate and vanilla and I'm happy with both. I think if you use the EAS powder you're probably fine with anything out there. My dad does not like the Whey and usually adds a little peanut butter to mask the taste. I think the people who don't like it don't like the whey taste...

    There probably are better tasting ones out there but I like the price and the convince of finding it.

    I've even used it in a shaker with 1/2 water and 1/2 milk and I still like it.

    Hey, it's Mothers day, go buy some more spoons and cups for yourself. You deserve it!

  4. That wand of wonder is pretty cool. Now if I could just persuade him to get me one too. I especially like your red plate. I haven't invested in a food scale yet and so I'm often guessing on ounces. What do you use it to weigh? meat?

  5. I want one of those scales and a food wand.

    Measuring cups and spoons I also use.

    The dessert/salad size plate is the perfect plate for all of us to use.

    I"m using NU-TECk PRO 5 protein supplement purchased from a health store. It's a little more pricey than those you can get at Target, Costco and Walmart. The vanilla was too sweet but I love the Orange 50/50 bar flavor...yummy. One scoop is 32 grams of protein and 145 calories when mixed with water. I drink it before going to bed so my body will burn more calories (400) at night. My trainer suggested it.

    I also try to drink a REVIVAL soy shake each day. I'll have to post a picture of the Supplement Facts. With water it is 120 claories and it contains 20 grams of protein, 600 mg of Calcium, 160 mg Soy Isoflavones and 1000mg Soy Saponins plus a whole lot more. I've been using this product off and on since menopause as the soy benefits somewhat off set the loss of estrogen.

    Keep up the fight for fitness and healthy living....thanks Aud...great post!

  6. Melissa, I use my scale for everything that has to be measured in ouces: cheese, meat, sometimes even rice and fruit (if I eat the fruit whole) I do this because I have been an overeater for so long that I don't have any idea what the correct portion size is. Also it gives me a piece of mind that I am eating within my calorie range. Otherwise I go crazy. Great for you if you can eye ball it. I'm hoping one day I'll get my portions in check and I'll be able to eyeball it to.

    Thanks for the Mothers Day idea Audrey. I think I might just have to go do that!

    WOW Queen Vee! I am so impressed. Please do a post on those things. I would love to see them and I'm always looking for new healthy things to try. Also if you're going to a personal trainer I'm sure you have some great tips you could share with us:)

  7. Couldn't live with out my hand held blender. It is used everyday. I know the plate size has helped these past few years. I measure out in dishes I like to use so I know where to fill to so I don't have to measure every time. Works great, saves time and dirty dishes. My scale is old but will do. Do you weight your meat before or after cooking?