Sunday, May 2, 2010

Saturday Chores

So to avoid eating junk yesterday I ironed, helped open the pool and went to a friends to help her clean her new townhome.  This was after the normal cleaning the house that I do Saturday mornings.  I am glad to report that it actaully worked yesterday. I avoided the mindless eating trap.

The reason that I started ironing was because when taking my air dried sheets off the clothes line I decided I would iron them just like my Noni, grandmother, did.  I then ended up doing the rest of the ironing which took up about an hour of my time and then I moved on to an unanticipated project.  Opening the Pool! But back to the ironing.  I forgot how wonderful it was to climb into a bed with sheets that had been pressed.  It really did bring back a flood of memories and I fell asleep a happy camper last night :) 


  1. I know someone who will love your ironing post...we will see if she comments.

    I only iron sheets for special people.

  2. What a great evening you had. Only crazy people iron sheets...wait did I say that? Just kidding. I think if I hung my sheets out (which we always did growing up) that I would iron them too!

    I hope that you enjoyed some use in that pool yesterday!!! This heat is crazy!

  3. Susan, you are AWESOME! I was having an emotion wanting to eat kind of day yesterday. The weather was bad so I couldn't get out to distract myself. I didn't give in, but I couldn't think of things that would calm it down. Your ideas were perfect.

  4. I did that yesterday, too! Not the ironed sheets thing, because that's totally crazy to me (but the Queen Vee loves it.) I mean chores to avoid eating. It works great!

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  6. Crazy, yep I'm probably that because I iron sheets, pajamas, t-shirts, jeans, pillowcases, napkins, table clothes, shirts....basically everything but underwear.

    Susan how clever of you to keep busy with chores so that you wouldn't be tempted to eat junk food. Think how much all of us could collectively accomplish if we did the same thing.

    I think you're going to look fantastic when you start using that pool... you just keep up the fight against junk food eating.

    May 2, 2010