Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Two epically bad days in a row + Matt out of town + THAT time of the month + Easter candy STILL in the house = disaster.

Tonight, I was hungry. The girls and I had been out grocery shopping so I didn't eat till late. I carefully cut the frozen pizza into fifths to make sure I had the right amount of calories. I didn't want to go over. After, I was still hungry so I checked my calories and found I had just enough for one more small slice. But no more, I was walking the line.

As I cleared the table I realized I had forgotten to add in the vegetables I ate while the pizza was cooking. That put me about 37 calories over my range. That's about when I went crazy. I had no more patience left for myself. I had made too many stupid mistakes in the past few days. I thought, "SCREW IT!" and began to eat. And eat and eat and eat. If I was going to go over, then I wanted to make it worth it. 600 calories later and this train wreck came to a screeching halt.

And, of course, now I feel like crap. Lucky for me, I've been saving my free day, just in case.

Lessons learned:

- I must eat on a schedule. If I'm having 5 small meals a day, I can't let 4 hours elapse without eating.
- Drink the water! I forgot to fill my water bottle before I left, so I was behind on water intake.
- Plan meals, even when Matt is out of town. Otherwise, I just end up eating high-caloric, low-filling meals.
- Don't shop when you're hungry.


  1. Mindy, it's so hard when your husband is out of town to plan meals. I never do because I hate cooking, so it's usually just cereal.... Luckily Brian isn't out of town often. You've been doing really well and look amazing! Glad you had your free day!

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  3. Oh Mindy! I feel that way often. I love your list of lessons learned. They are all true, and I especially like the ones about going to the store hungry, and not waiting to long to eat between meals. Those two are my downfalls. If I stay on top of my healthy snacking, I tend to make healthier choices, and don't over eat during meals.

  4. Mindy, you are right on target. I love these kinds of posts because it makes me realize that I'm not a lone. Your list is perfect. You know what you're doing. Keep plugging along. One thing I've started doing is taking a snack in my purse with me if I leave the house. Even if I think it won't be very long. I never know what's going to happen in the meantime. I usually have protein bars on hand so I just throw one in. If I don't, and I come home starving, the rest of the day usually results in severe overeating.

  5. Only 600 calories over? Not bad for a free day. On Sunday I ate with reckless abandon, not keeping track of anything. Then I read Melissa's comment on Alicia's free day post about still keeping a food journal. So I tried to remember as best I could and when I tallied everything up it was over 3400 calories! Holy fatso, Batman! That's two day's worth of food!

    Enjoy your fresh start today!

  6. When I saw your post I thought someone had written it about me! My husband is Matt too AND I had 2 very bad days Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday I ate 1500 calories over and yesterday I had eaten 2500 calories by 10:00 AM... I can not believe I just told you guys that! Disgusting? Yes!!!
    I lost sight of what my goals are. I went into a numbing stupor and gave up for a while. I kept reading everyones posts and well, Today is a new and better day.
    I will not let 2 days keep me from being my true self.
    Thanks for your post and reminding me to learn from these days and move forward:)

  7. We've all had days like the one you had yesterday. I must confess I'm so glad that I no longer have the time of the month and PMS events happening anymore, loss of those two are the best thing about menopause. I remember the cravings I would have back in the day, craving salty and chocolate food for about a week each month, now I just crave that stuff all the time.

    Today is a new day Mindy, go for it and don't look back.

  8. Mindy and all ladies whose husbands travel out of town, I am giving you all a big shiny medal. Because you deserve it. I'm sure if my husband traveled for work, I would snuggle with a snickerdoodles or hug a Hagen Daaz tub before hitting the sack.

  9. Did I mention that it was 600 calories in 10 minutes? Yeah. I'm about ready to dump that Easter candy in the trash.

    Thanks for all the support! It's so nice to know I'm not the only one who has a total freak out once in a while.

  10. Min, as I told you on the phone today, we are all human. What tells me this challenge is changing you is that you were ready to get back to it after a lapse. You know what is good for you and you're doing it. One day is only ONE DAY. You are amazing. And a smokin' hot redhead to boot. :)

  11. That had to be a tons of veggies to go over when you thought you were under!!!! What were you eating.

    Trust me we've all been there and I'll be the first to tell you I can pound the calories fast and furious and also know the make it worth it mentality. glad you've pulled up your boot straps and realized what you can get to help yourself not get frustrated again. It's a learning process and sometimes it take a long time to learn.
    I'm proud of you for being so dedicated! Love you!