Thursday, May 6, 2010

Feeling verklempt

I had the joy of attending two Muffins with Mom events at my children's preschool this past week and here's what I learned about me from my 5 year old son. I'm good at exercise. Good? Wow! And I thought I was just getting by. I've decided it's healthy to see ourselves through our children's eyes, especially when they see things in positive ways we don't. (Please notice he didn't say that I was good at cooking =-), but pizza places? that I'm good at too.)

Here are my two standby DVDs. They're old. Both from Target. But what I like about them is that I can customize my 30 minute work out and that the segments are short, so I can cut and paste to fit my schedule.

Happy Mother's Day everyone! Hope you have a bunch of verklempt moments this week-end.


  1. Apis, I read a fun article in the WSJ this morning about handmade sentiments by children to their moms and your little card would fit right into that article very nicely.

    You are setting a great example for your children. I bet they get down on the floor with you to exercise, I say start them young.

    You're a good cook too although maybe sometimes a bit too sophisticated for the pallets of your young children. There again it's good to expose children to new and interesting foods. Matt was eating snails, artichokes and pate as a 5 year old and liking it.

  2. That is the cutest card! I would absolutely be tickled if my children wrote that about me. Thanks for the video posts. I am in the market for some new video workouts.

  3. That card is a definite keeper! It's not always the greatest thing to see what your kids think... In your case, you know that you ROCK!! Way to go girl :)

  4. SO CUTE!!! A perfect gage of how your doing as a mom!! What a great example. Keep up the great work!