Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Singled Out . . .

I am sure many of you, like me, have been thinking an awful lot about what Audrey posted last night.  I marvel, not only at her willingness to run this blog, keeping it fresh and updated constantly, but also at her sheer bravery at letting us know her human side and the struggles she faces.  She's pretty much a rock star.

I've known Audrey a long time.  And though I read her words with tears last night, I also had a moment of laughter.  It was this line
Another reason is someone who may appear to look "healthy" may not be, they may just have the lucky slender genetics gene.
That would be Audrey calling me out.  And no - she didn't do it intentionally, but still, I felt called out.  For the record, I do not need to lose a lot of weight.  I have some extra baby pounds from my nine month old, but other than that, I am where I should be weight wise.  So why am I doing the challenge {or making a weak attempt at doing the challenge}?

Because I am the one with the slender genetics gene who is not healthy.  I can barely run a mile. I love to sit on my couch and watch TV or sleep in instead.  My body does not want to move.  I see people running and think, "That is really great . . . for them."  I hear about people who love exercise and I go, "Huh?"  It has never been a fun or natural thing for me.

I do eat okay for the most part, but I know there is room for much improvement.  Especially my relationship with junk food, which is pretty much like a bad boyfriend who I break up with and then run back to.  I can stay away from the Oreos for about a week before I search them out and make out with them on the couch while watching The Biggest Loser.

This challenge, and Audrey's post last night, have really helped me to evaluate my relationship with food and why it is exactly that I am averse to exercise. I'm not moving yet.  My exercise portion of this challenge is a challenge in itself - one I'm failing at. But I hope when it's all said and done that my "slender genetics" and my actual health will be more of a match.


  1. This is a perfect reminder to all of us that no matter who we are, we struggle with something! My sister in law always used to tell me it was hurtful when people put her down for her thinness. She hated it. I still think I'd like to be on that end but it's probably because I have never been there :)
    Exercise is so important for your health. You CAN do it! Just think 10 minutes at first. Anyone can move for 10 minutes, right? You do that and I will stop eating for 10 minutes. (this is something that doesn't seem possible today!)
    I love this group of amazing and very different women who help bring perspective and light to my days!!

  2. We love you too Jill, you have brought wisdom, experience and encouragement to us here at Healthy Wife Happy Life. I feel we are all going to meet someday one way or another, I'm excited just thinking about it.

  3. I have the same genes as Samantha and it took me almost 20 minutes to run my first mile the other day. I admire the mental stamina many of you have to go the distance.

    Audrey, was right about the "lucky" part. Certainly did nothing to deserve or earn those genetics, just got lucky. But I didn't get lucky in athletic talent...even when I did sports in high school, I never rose above mediocre.

  4. Apis and Dragonfly are "lucky" right now but wait until they menopause, that changes everything. Thank goodness Audrey started this blog because now those two sisters are developing healthy habits that will hopefully make the M transition easier than it was for me.

  5. We had a great walk tonight around the path at the field! I know you can do it! Exercise is hard to fit in when there are so many things going on in your life. Spend this precious time with that sweet boy and you can start wokring in more exercise soon enough. You could start a walk with Mom night. Have each kiddo take a turn going on a walk with you at night. Even if it is just around the block. You get to spend time individually with each kiddo and you are getting exercise in.

  6. I am at a loss for words about both yours' and Audrey's posts. I am so happy you two have been able to share such personal details about your lives. Audrey, I have never met you and yet I know so much about you now. I am so grateful for that connection and how this blog has connected so many women from different places. Sam, you are beautiful, I met you briefly not to long ago and I must say you have an amazing spirit about you. I am jealous of those slender genetics, but I am glad you realize that just being thin is not always good enough. Good luck eating healthier, it is hard for me every day and I don't have those special genes!!

  7. My first reaction is, "Cry me a river!"
    My second reation is, "Oreos, huh? I never knew!"
    My third reaction is, "I think we all need to cut ourselves some slack!"

  8. Ooh, I LOVE Susan's idea. Also, plenty of walking time at all those baseball practices in your immediate future!

    I'd like to make out with some oreos right about now.