Sunday, May 2, 2010

A not so healthy diet

So this week was rough. I have had such a hard time trying to get points and completely change my lifestyle. I am almost embarrassed to report my numbers. Two Birthdays, long work nights and the stomach flu have been my week. On a positive note, I lost 2 lbs by Thursday just by changing my eating habits. I then got the stomach flu and lost an additional 7 lbs. A not so healthy way to diet. So today I had to get into a swimsuit for the first time since I had my twins, and I am not so fond of the new post twins body. I asked myself, "why am I having a swimming party for my kids?" But I had a change of perspective today. I decided once I was there and hiding under my towel, that I was working on it. I am working on getting myself healthy and in shape. So I changed my outlook and just forgot about my appearance and just thought, "this will be the last time I want to feel like this in a swimsuit." I am working on it!!


  1. EMILY!!!! Congrats on the weight loss but not the stomach flu. I really think you need to take this a little at a time. Don't be embarrassed by your points. I know you're a competitor but you need to be realistic about this lifestyle change. You are starting at square one...take babysteps so you don't throw in the towel.

    This week think about what you did do successfully last week and pick another thing you want to tackle for this up coming week. I would recommend looking at the types of food you are eating and give yourself a liberal range of calories to start so you are not overwhelmed.

    Maybe spend a few minutes with Mindy and see what tricks she is doing to track her food, and eat fruits and veggies...she seems to be getting the hang of it.

    It always helps to have someone show you what they are doing and in your head you can think...hey I can do that!

    I'm glad that you made a mental commitment about not feeling that way again in a swim suit. That's how you know you are really ready to make a change!

    Hang in there! YOU CAN DO IT!

  2. Amen to all that Audrey wrote. You can make changes if you really want to but it will take time, patience and commitment. YOU CAN DO IT!

    Bravo for getting in a swimsuit cause that clothing item is NOT my friend.

  3. Emily,

    I agree with steps before walking and definitely before running.

    Maybe try to get all the points in two or three categories that are challenging but not impossible in this upcoming week.

    For me, the level of difficulty for obtaining points falls out like this (hardest =1):

    1) Range
    2) Exercise
    3) Water
    4) Fruits/Veggies
    5) Before bed
    6) Food journal
    7) Comment on blog
    8) Multi-vitamin
    9) Breakfast-lunch-dinner
    10) No soda

    But it's probably different for everyone.

  4. Loosing 2 pounds before the flu hit is AWESOME! That's a healthy way to do it so you must be doing something right. I know sometimes it's hard for me to only see two pound gone when I feel like I've been working my tail off. The key to success is you keep trying. Don't give up. Old habits are hard to break. And we all have them. We are all going through the same things you are. That is why this blog is so great. This is not a diet. Diets expect strict perfection. And guilt when you don't succeed. This is a lifestyle change. Like everyone said, baby steps. Little changes made over time will give you huge results.

  5. I LOVE this sentiment, "I'm working on it!" I'm totally going to steal it. I thought you looked great yesterday!