Sunday, May 2, 2010

I need new shoes

Hey ladies, I'm in the market for some new running shoes. Since there are some serious runners in this group (Jill, I'm looking in your direction) I was hoping to get some advice about what kind to buy, how to shop for them, where to shop for them, and what to look for. I'm not ready to invest in super fancy specially fitted shoes, but I would like some nice ones that are going to feel good and last a while. I'm looking to buy the Honda of shoes. Nice, reliable, affordable. I am a running shoe shopping novice. Please instruct me.


  1. Mindy, my experience with getting fit at a running store cost me no money. I just had to buy the shoes from that store. They cost about $70 dollars. I think that's pretty typical for running shoes that don't come from DSW or an outlet store.

    I'd go to your local running store, take a look at the shoes and the prices and ask if they charge for a fitting.

    Good shoes make all the difference!!!!

  2. I agree, good shoes make all the difference. Audrey's advice is right on target.

  3. Mindy, you will never go back once you buy a running shoe. I never thought it would make a difference in the comfort of running, but there was 100% different. I only buy my shoes from the running store. They are trained and know which ones would work best for your feet. They ususally have you run on a treadmill to see how you run. A decent pair will run you $90-$100. At first I was gasping for air at that price. I usually only spend $20 on a pair of shoes. But my shin, knees, feet, have thanked me time and time again for getting a good pair. I've tried the Saucony, and Asics and both are really good. Check out They have all the latest reviews on all the shoes. You can know what you are looking for before you even step into the store. My experience with the running store is they never try to sell me a certain shoe. They tell the pros and cons of what I am looking for and let me decide. Just so you know, they say a running shoe lasts about 300 miles of running. I used to think that was bogus, but I can tell when my shoes are wearing out. My shins and feet start aching more. It's still cheaper than a personal trainer.

  4. Alicia knows what she's talking about! I dito everything she said. The great thing is that once you get a feel for the best running shoe for you. You can always look on the internet to find the exact pair you want for a little cheaper.
    There are some running stores that will actually let you take them home for a few days and wear them around the house and a treadmill to make sure they are the best for you.
    It really does make a difference and your whole body will thank you for it! Good luck my friend!!!

  5. Mindy, one of the very best things I ever did before doing the Avon walk was to go to a running store and get fitted for a shoe. It saved me. I paid $90, but I feel like I have needed every cent. Listen to these women, invest in a good shoe and your feet will thank you!

  6. This was the advice I was looking for! Thanks ladies!

    I'm wearing Saucony's now, and I really like them, but I just picked them out from what was on the sale rack at DSW (Audrey you've got me nailed down) because they felt right. I'm glad to hear that I can spend $100 or less, because I was afraid getting fitted would cost me a fortune.
    I'm just going to walk into a running store (there's got to be about 40 of them in Boulder) and say, "Hey, I'm new at this and I don't know what I'm doing. Can you help me?"

  7. That is so perfect! They are going to LOVE someone like you!