Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Forced Exercise

We LOVE to camp!
My husband LOVES to four wheel!
Until now, we've used our stock vehicles to hit the trails, but here is his project he's been working endless hours for.
I don't know if the pictures does it justice, but lets just say my four year old calls this the Monster Truck. The frame of the truck starts at my hips. Why does this vehicle force me to exercise?

Who else is taking the picture? I get a little scared of the trails my husband attempts to do, so I end up getting out of the truck to walk a lot. Great exercise and great leg raises getting in and out. By the end of the trip, my thighs were sore from climbing in and out constantly, no joke! I don't know if you can tell, but the back tire is off the ground. It also helps my heart pump fast from fear. Makes me feel like I've finished a sprint. (Minus the wetness down my pants from fear :)
Our other choices of exercise included: Puddle Jumping
Rock Climbing
(Isn't Moab gorgeous?!)
Lots of exercise makes this four year old strong!
Sprinting down Sand Dune Arch
Sand Angels
Rock Jumping
And in the end, the hill that caused the picture below:
Yes, that's a tow rope attached to the little itty bitty jeep in front of the "Monster Truck". That jeep had to tow the tent trailer and us home. Still an AWESOME trip and I needed a day to recover from sore muscles. This is the best kind of exercise. You are having fun and don't even realize the kind of exercise you are getting! Anyone want to join us?


  1. That looks absolutely crazy! and my kids would absolutely LOVE IT!

  2. I would be terrified to be in that monster truck climbing on rock mountains. I think I'll just keep getting on the treadmill at the gym and leave the monster truck exercuse to your more daring and younger heart.

    Love the pics, what cut kiddos you have Alicia...you are a blessed woman!

  3. Exercise, I know how to spell it I just can't type it.

  4. I'd be more comfortable on a mountain bike than in your monster truck, but the sunshine and red rock and warm sand look glorious! It's so fun to see pictures of you and your family.

  5. Now that's what I call an adventure!

    I'm with you on the taking pictures outside of the monster truck. Pretty sure my veggies would come right back up and I need all that good stuff, so on the ground I stay.

    I can tell your kiddos were having a fabulous time. Ah, the joy of a whole family excursion. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  6. What a great time!! That stuff is right up my alley. I'll come next time (if I could ever get my hubby off the couch)!

  7. WOW! I think that looks like tons of fun! I've never been to Moab. I wonder how far it is from Denver.

  8. Reminds me of our jeeping days when you had to lean out the jeep to keep it from tipping over on the steep side hills. Scary stuff. We went to some pretty places in the High Sierras. One time we almost got stuck between two trees. LOL

  9. HOW FUN! I am with you you though, I'd rather walk then brave those rocks! You are such a cute mom. Your kids look like they had the time of their lives!

  10. That looks like to much fun! Reminds me of all the stories my parents told me about their jeeping days.

    You're kids are adorable! Memories they will have forever. And you're right, the exercise you get when you're having fun and not trying is always the best!