Monday, March 7, 2011

WaTeR, DriNK mY WaTeR

I did OKAY this past week on my exercise, I was hoping for GREAT. As my husband always says, "Hope is not a course of action." Actually I did better than I have been doing and I'm committed to getting all five days in this week. For my next goal I will focus on my water consumption which isn't where it needs to be. I find it really hard to drink the required 64 0z each day, if it were Diet Coke I'd have no problem. I don't drink soda anymore so I'm off to get a glass of water right now as I need to drink 32 oz more before bed time. I am grateful for water and for the blessing of good safe water that comes right out of the tap in my kitchen, now I just need to remember to drink it.


  1. Thats a wonderful picture! Maybe if my water looked like that, I'd be tempted to drink more of it! LOL
    Good luck on your goal!

  2. I did great with water. I didn't so great with eating. Oreo cookies is the name of my downfall.

  3. Find a water bottle you love and make it your new best friend. Keep it some place you frequent and drink every time you go the kitchen sink or next to your computer. Take it with you in the car.