Sunday, March 6, 2011

Live Life On Purpose!

Isn't it funny when you are pondering a question and not just here on this forum, but the universe finds ways to answer your question?  I was channel flipping yesterday and ran across a PBS special by a Dr. Daniel Amen, about how eating, exercising and just making smart healthy life choices makes you healthy, thinner, smarter and happier (I perked right up to this!).  He went through the basics of choosing a good healthy life.

The world would want you to believe that you need to eat more, have lots of sugar and red meat.  He showed how on brain scans he had done in the past 20 years, unhealthy choices = unhealthy braincells .  Not  only were most of these people overweight, some of them had problems with thinking straight, ADD/ADHD, memory, being grumpy, unhappy, irritability, etc.  (sound familiar?)  Changing to a more healthy diet and way of life, these problems were significantly reduced or went away completely.  Their thinking was more clear, memory was better they lost excess weight and they were in general, much more happy.

He talked about putting "smart" calories in your body.  Calories that will give your body what it needs.
Dr. Amen validated the need for a multivitamin, but also fish oil.
It's important to have sunshine or vitamin D (helps avoid depression)
Green Tea extract to help your focus
Get control of emotional eating.
Get control of your mind -stop automatic negative thoughts (ANTs)
Disconnect from past traumas and emotional distress

Basically, he validated all that you ladies have been professing that is good for us to remain or journey to:  Healthy Wife!  Happy Life!

So I feel inspired and encouraged and more dedicated to the cause!

Don't we deserve to be healthy and happy?!

When you eat those extra cookies, chocolate or donuts, do you feel happy or guilty...or regret?!
Do you have to deny yourself?  NO!  But train yourself that a taste is ENOUGH!  Cut off or count out what is a taste, then eat it slowly and enjoy every bit of that taste.  Thank yourself for the treat and be glad that's all you need.  I'm constantly telling myself that I don't need the sugar or the fat, but I do need the veggies and fruit.  If it isn't something fabulous, it doesn't need to go in my mouth...and really, unless you're on a cruise, how much stuff do you encounter everyday that is fabulous?

I know it's not as easy as eating whatever...but whatever is not healthy.  Yes, it takes more time, thought and effort, but YOU'RE WORTH IT!  Your family is worth it!  It's time to take control!  Be in charge of yourself!  If you mess up, don't be discouraged, but learn from your mistakes and readjust your thinking so it will be better next time.  Plan ahead (key to success!).

Live Life On Purpose!

I am grateful for those who have healthy alternative at the parties or gatherings I go to.  I went to a  baby blessing this morning.  I knew there would be foods there that wouldn't be healthy (family tradition!) so I brought some cut up fruit so I would be sure I had some delicious alternatives.  Even my husband commented how good the fruit was!

At the end of the day, I feel like I have had a successful day!  We can't control everything that happens in our life, but these two things we have control over.  What we eat, and our attitude about life. 

I sometimes play racquetball with a guy who gets mad or frustrated, then he quits trying.  When I get mad or frustrated, I try harder.  If I didn't win at the end of the game, but played my best, it's still a good game for me!  I think of the good shots I made and how much exercise I got during that game and I feel good.  Then I try harder next time to make better shots and anticipate how to best play the game.  After I've analyzed my oppontent and their strengths and weaknesses, even if I lost the first game, it was still a valuable lesson to me.  Here's the kicker...If my opponent was no challenge for me, I have gained nothing!  There is no reward to beating an opponent that does not challenge you.

Why did I tell you about my racquetball analogy?  Because you can apply it to the challenges you face right now.

You guys are awesome!  I hope you make goals that challenge you!  I hope you do not get frustrated and get mad and quit!  Try harder!  Change your strategy!  Don't run faster than you are able to run, but run further than you thought you could!  Be grateful and ask Heavenly Father to help you with your weaknesses.  He's always there for you and so interested in your success!  So am I!  Keep posting!  Keep being awesome!

Be Healthy
Be Happy
You deserve it!



  1. Rose,
    That was a great post for the start of a new week. I know I sure needed the pep talk going into the next phase of our challenge. Thanks for some fabulous insight and words of encouragement.

  2. That was just the dose of cheer and encouragement I needed! Thanks Rose!

  3. Great post. And it makes sense that we would be happier when we are feeling fit. =)

  4. How come you you know all the answers girl?! You really aren't just talking... you are walking the talk! I can see it all over your face. Thanks for the MUCH needed pep talk, I will be reading this a few more times :)