Friday, March 11, 2011

how's it going for you???

The last 2 weeks of challenges have proved to be... challenges!!! I picked writing everything down, which I usually do great at till late afternoon... This week I challenged myself to sit down when I eat. I have seen the reason for my overeating! I eat out of the bag, standing at the counter constantly! I turn to food when I want to forget everything thats going on etc. etc.
How do YOU stop the emotional, crazy eating??? What's crazy is that when I do this I am a horrible mom. I can always tell when I am frustrated with my eating habits and how I look because I take it out on my sweet innocent family!
It has been a very hard week! I haven't earned my points once! UGH

I hope you are all doing a lot better than me!


  1. I'm struggling. I've made some points this week but not all that I could have. It's noon and I haven't had one glass of water so that means I've got 64 oz to go before bed. I guess I'll go and get a glass right now. I spent the morning reading cookbooks, thought I would get rid of a few but then found all these great recipes in them so I put them back on the shelf. Can you gain weight reading cookbooks?

  2. Writing everything down is one of the hardest things to do. I've really had to make a contentious effort to do it but I'm glad I have. I think being aware of what I'm eating is a major step for me.

    Sitting down while you eat is so important. I find when I measure...and sit down I'm more likely to eat a normal amount. The past two weeks when I normally would go for a snack I've been going to the counter and drinking my water. I've also done another strange but crazy thing. I've been leaving my house. If I don't have things that have to happen at home I'm out of here. The last couple of weeks I've taken a book and headed to chick-fil-A for a nice little lunch and then I can't keep going back to my cupboards to eat more.

    The other thing I can suggest is eating chocolate chips one at a time....I know it sounds strange but it taste yummy. Semi-sweet has benefits and chocolate always helps calm my nerves.

    I hope you have a nice weekend and an easier week next week. I also want to hear about your week free of technology!