Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Have you smiled yet today?

What did the duck say to the egg?
You quack me up!!!

Thanks for making me smile, even if I'm having a tough day!


  1. Rose anything we can do to help? I know you have a lot on your plate right now and it isn't just food.

  2. I am sorry you are having a bad day my friend. I pray that tomorrow will be better. I hope Jake is OK...

  3. It's amazing how just smiling can change your attitude towards life.

  4. Thanks guys! One of my boys (Jake's twin) is trying to move on with his life. He's trying to find a job in St. George. He left today (again) and it always tugs on my heart strings when he leaves. No more "John" hugs at night. No bantering back in forth and teasing each other. No son coming up behind me and rubbing my tight shoulders for a minute.

    Letting go is hard for me. I just love them so much!

    I'm practicing not dwelling on what makes me sad. I'm going to acknowledge the sad stuff and dwell on the good stuff. There's always lots of good stuff!

  5. I love your positive spin on life. Hugs!

  6. The goal of every parent should be to raise children who are not afraid to leave the nest. Children who want to go out and be contributors and good citizens of the world. A mother will always be a mother, which means we worry, we care, we want to help and make all things right, we want them near in case they need us. It is hard to let go, to let them fly but we also know that we need to let them spread their wings. I hope your John has a successful flight.