Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So much to say...and so busy.

I run through life posting in my head...and rarely does it get on the computer. I really like being detached from my computer but sometimes I wish I had it with me when the thoughts were going through my head so I could share them all with you.

After a somewhat successful week of keeping a daily food diary....even while having two birthday celebrations for my 9 year old I've decided to take on exercising more frequently. I'm really good at getting about 3 days in a week, but I think to the success and change up what my body is use to it times to take it up another notch.

Story #1 I went to bed at 10:40 Sunday night with the plan to wake up at 5am to get to the 5:30 spin class...I find if I get a start on my exercise Mondays I'm much more successful all week. At 4am, my little one decided to come get in my bed. He loves to get in there and snuggle up with his dad. I'm chopped liver. I complied, "turned off" my alarm, stuck it in the drawer and hopped into his bed. I like this room because it's the darkest room in the house.

At 5am, my husband walks in the the alarm going off in his hand. Not only did it wake him up but he also had to find it. I felt so guilty about waking him up that I jumped up and headed to the gym...

Story #2 Although my intention is not to stay within my calorie range, tracking your food intake and exercising kind of make you want to at least be reasonable. Tuesday, swimming from 3-6pm and then Enrichment (it will always be called that as far as I'm concerned) at 7pm. I decided to take the boys to Baja Fresh. I love their grilled Mahi Mahi tacos. Very delicious, nutritious and within my calorie range. I got Jonah the chips and queso to go with his dinner. He's found a new love for queso...we had never had it here and when I tried it with the hot chips I could hardly shovel them into my mouth fast enough.

Ahhh, my effort to have a healthy dinner on the run back fired. Good thing it's far enough away from the house to not frequent with my kids.


  1. Audrey,
    I feel the same way about blogging! All my great ideas come when I am in the car driving or well pretty much anywhere but at the computer. Funny story about the alarm clock, sounds like something I would do. Good luck on the exercising this week!

  2. It's true, when I get my exercise in, it helps me focus a little more on making good food choices. Of course, sometimes I just feel like rewarding myself for having exercised off some of those extra calories. But for the most part, I want to make good choices.
    Good luck this week!

  3. Love the alarm clock story...a little guilt transformed into healthy motivation. Nice.