Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Gadget

I burned out my little chopper/blender thing a few weeks ago making my banana ice cream. I guess I shouldn't be too sad since we had it for over 10 years but it was still very handy especially for little things like grinding flax seed, making baby food, etc.

I ventured down the kitchen appliance isle at the store looking for something to replace it and found this little guy.
Okay so it looks like a little plastic jar with a handle (and I found out after I bought it that a small Mason jar will work too) but this little thing fit right on my blender and works even better than my little chopper blender I had before. I like that it is small so I don't have to wash out the big blender every time I use it. Yesterday I chopped up whole almonds to put on my salads and it took all of about 2 seconds to grind the nuts and maybe two minutes to wash out the parts and put them away.

I also found this little attachment but I haven't tried it yet because it is for Hubby's birthday. He likes to make shakes and such but honestly the blender just doesn't cut it sometimes so this little blade is supposed to do the trick. We'll see in a few weeks if it actually works. Should be good for smoothies too;)
I know I know a silly post but I had to share. Does your brand of blender have special attachments too? You might want to check and see. You might just find a handy knew gadget in the process.


  1. Wow, it's cool that it fit perfectly. Good for you1 :) I want to get the Montel blender for smoothies etc. I'm an infomercial junkie! lol

  2. Cute! I like it. Let us know how that attachment works. I'm so curious about it!

  3. I want to know how the Hubby present works after you use it.

  4. Where did you get them and for what blender (did I miss that in the post)?

  5. My blender is an Oster, the cheapest model they make, but it says these will work on all their blenders. I actually got the add on accessories at Smith's Marketplace but you can order them on amazon too.