Monday, March 7, 2011

New Goal

Hey Girls!  I did great with my personal goal last week -it was to drink all my water!  It felt good, but I had to pee a lot!!  This week, I'm choosing to stay in my calorie range.  This is a major challenge for me, but I can do it!!  BTW, I love all of your inspirational posts.  : )


  1. A year ago I was so committed to staying within my calorie range and I did a pretty good job at it too. Now since Thanksgiving I've struggled as too many sweets and bad carbs have been part of my daily diet. It's great to keep track of your calories because it really helps to see what you are eating actually consuming every day. I will probably be joining you on this goal next week, Missy good for you for taking it on this week. I think you can eat within your range so enjoy your veggies, fruits, proteins, complex carbs and CUT out or back on those bad carbs.