Sunday, June 27, 2010

Way Low

Here's the low down, and I mean really low. All I ate today was 4 pieces of lettuce, and Jacobs chocolate birthday cake. It's 6:00 in the evening. Yes you are reading that right. Cake!
Cake for breakfast.
Cake for lunch.
Cake for snack.
Yummy, chocolate, gluten free cake.
I have talked about this cake before.

It is my nemesis.

My one and only true nemesis.
I can't resist it.
I love it.
It taunts me and calls to me.
It whispers things to my mind.
"Eat me" it says, "you've been so good, and you deserve it. Plus, your b**bs are getting so small, and I can fix that."
What is whispers to me isn't truth though, (well maybe a little), but the cake twists the truth. What I deserve, what we all deserve, is not a piece of cake, but a strong happy body for all of this hard work. Truthfully, I don't mind one bit that my body is shrinking slowly, even in those areas that one might feel the need to replace some day. Having small b**s is nice for running, and all my button up shirts finally fit wonderfully.
So cake, go away!
Stop teasing me and telling me lies.

About 15 minutes ago that poor cake went swimming. With shaking hands and a watering mouth, I placed the pan in the sink and filled it up with water. I had to. I couldn't stop eating it.

It's gone now, and I can return to my kitchen to prepare a healthy dinner. I promise to eat healthy for the next week. I promise to get my exercise in. I promise not to get distracted by the 14 lovely people who will be staying at my house for the next three weeks. Please help me my wonderful friends. I need you to hold me accountable. Please check up on me and make sure I am not making chocolate cake. Call me and ask me if I got my work out in, please.

Wanna know one more thing?

Since we have been keeping track of everything we have been eating, it has allowed me to see patterns that have been happening. I fumble every weekend. My husband has been out of town every week for the past 5 weeks. I have been doing awesome during the week, but every weekend he comes home for 24 hours and I fall apart with my eating. Weird huh? Anyone know why? I don't, but it happens. He's got two more weeks to go so hopefully I can figure out why I do this.
Analyze away girls!
I need to come up with a game plan.


  1. Marci, I do the same thing. The weekend comes and there goes the healthy eating. I think it's because my husband doesn't share my desire for eating well, there is not really a rigid routine, and well, it's the weekend. I feel about pizza the way you feel about that cake! :)

  2. Marci, you are way too funny!! I find that I eat more around Marco because we are having fun together. Case and point: our last date night = cheeseburgers, fries and spinnach artichoke dip. ughhh!!

  3. Missy!!! Oh my goodness! I just had an epiphany! I will bring my gluten free cake to your house for your kids!!! Then I won't have a stare down with it. Be prepared for me to show up at your door next time I bake goodies.

  4. I had no idea gluten free cake could be so good! Although I do have some gluten free crackers that are too good for words. I have to measure out 15 crackers before I can partake or else my day is shot.

  5. I'm all for making smaller cakes. I'm determined to buy smaller cake rounds before I make the next cake and then freeze the left overs or make cupcakes out of them to give away...

    I also think that when you're husband is home that your stress level lowers and you feel comforted by him and food....ask him to help you. I know it may feel like a party when he's home but see if you can just incorporate it into your normal routine.

    shanking hands...that makes me laugh, swimming cake. Oh girl.

    Miss you and hope to see you next week.

  6. O.K. here's another theory (or two): maybe when your husband is home it's hard to stick to a routine because he's now in the mix and so the food routine gets disrupted too. Or maybe you are mirroring his eating patterns over the weekend. Or maybe you are eating emotionally in the sense that you can't get enough of your husband since you only see him on weekends and so you try to overcompensate eating to fill up the need to be with and see him and store up.