Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm grateful for family.
I'm grateful for a body that can still stay up for the midnight showing of Eclipse and get up in the morning and go to girls camp.

You heard it right after a week of family in town, a jam packed weekend of family reunion, and a must see midnight movie I'm headed to girls camp for three days.

Keep up the good work ladies! You are all doing so awesome and your grateful post and comments make me realize that we all still have balance in our lives which is very important.

I'll be back to get those numbers Saturday and crown our new champ!

Have a great last few days, stay strong through the weekend and be ready to start again on Monday!


  1. If ever there was a time to say "Keep up the momentum!" for you, I feel that it's in the next few days! I'm sure you'll be moving your body a lot at Girl's Camp. Go show those girls how it's done!

  2. You crazy girl! Midnight?! Okay, I'm a little crazy too. We are going to the 9:00 show tonight. Can't do the midnight show. Have fun at girls camp.

  3. Although invited to attend the mid-night showing of Eclipse with my daughters I opted out and will hang out with Bella, Edward, Jacob, and the rest of the Cullens when the theaters are not so crowded. I think age brings one patience and also less urgency and energy. Spent the evening instead with youngest son Matt, wife and girlies plus Audrey's boys. Audrey's off to camp and I'm watching her to good looking sons. My life is pretty much family 24/7, what a blessing.