Saturday, June 26, 2010

I burned a lot of things today

Okay, so this is just a silly post and I honestly wasn't going to post anything but it is after 11:00 at night and I really needed a venting outlet.

I melted my daughters dance skirt tonight and she has a dance competition tomorrow. It isn't horrible and will be fine for tomorrow but I'll be honest I feel like an idiot. I can make a new one but for tomorrow this one will have to do. I just hope she doesn't notice.

Sadly this is not the first thing I burned today. I burned my yogurt this morning. Okay so it wasn't really the yogurt but the container it was in. I got the yogurt out of the freezer but wanted to defrost it in the microwave so I could add some Grapenuts cereal to it. I didn't even think about the aluminum on the underside of the lid. Fortunately I only had it in on power 3 for about 15 seconds but I still burned the top a bit.

Funny thing about all this is the phrases that keep going through my head are "just keep going" and "keep moving forward." needless to say this blog is definitely having an impact on me. I hope tomorrow is better and I don't burn off my daughters hair with the curling iron. ;-)


  1. Let's hope that today you just feel the burn as you move that body! Keep on going!

  2. Cammy you are so funny! You are right, keep moving forward. Mistakes are made and we keep moving forward in more than one way!

  3. Ditto to above comments. Plus, how many people can say that they have burned yogurt? You've got bragging rights, baby!

  4. Cammy, I spent hours and hours sewing up a prom dress for Dragonfly her senior year. We were living in Germany and I had to send back to the USA for the pattern and fabric. The day I finished the dress I had company coming for a two week visit and I was giving the dress a final press and burnt the sleeve.....I lost it. Somehow it all worked out and she wore the dress. I had forgotten that experience until I read your post, you've got the right attitude, just keep moving forward.

  5. Thanks gals, everything did turn out just fine. As far as the skirt goes I didn't even tell my daughter what happened and fortunately she didn't notice (can I just say I am glad it was black). I did pin her contestant number on the side I melted so it would cover a little. The judges must not have noticed because she got 2nd and 4th in her dances. (Way to go Abby!)

    Queen V. thanks for the story. The things we put ourselves through for our children:-)

    Thanks for the support from you wonderful gals. You are the best!

  6. Oh man, we've all been there, haven't we? Sometimes that's all you can do on those days, sing like Dory, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming." Here's hoping the only thing you burn this week is calories.