Thursday, July 1, 2010

When size doesn't matter

Like most of you, I try to add a few new cute short sleeve shirts, skirts and shorts into my summer mix every year. Mostly, my clothing shopping consists of grabbing a few items from Target and throwing them into my cart along with the detergent, paper towels, toilet paper and protein bars. With three kids in tow, I don't try on the clothes at the store. Partly because of the kids but also because I know what my Target size is and can rest assured that after one washing the clothes will fit . . . or so I thought. This year, the clothes I bought in my size were, according to a certain sister of mine, fitting rather loosely. " Huh," I thought, "this is usually my size." And she was right, the clothes were loose and it wasn't because I was significantly smaller. It was because they had changed the measurements of clothes in that size. Which leads me to this thought: don't hang your hat on vanity sizing. After all, according to this article, 0 is the new size 8!

Just do this: buy clothes that fit. If the pants are a size 14, shake off that sinking feeling because you know that somewhere out there in a store near or far, a similar item is labeled a size 2. Feel good about your body and find clothes that reinforce that feeling. Now, I think I need to go clothing shopping again.


  1. Buying clothes for me is a nightmare. They fit in the store and then don't when I get home. The sizing out there makes absolutely no sense, you're right....size on the tab doesn't matter.

  2. Hmm this is interesting. I wonder if the same thing is true about shoes? Or is it that my feet are growing? ;-)
    I agree you should buy what fits and feels good and not worry about the tag. Besides no one I know goes around checking tags anyway.

  3. I totally agree. At Gap I'm a 6, Target I'm an 8. Well, I was, until I got pregnant, now I don't even know, since I just wear sweat/yoga type pants pretty much everyday. I figure, who really cares, as long as you're happy with the way you look (and even if you're not, the rest of us really don't care what size you are) :)

  4. I always have to try clothes on! It's a pain but in the end I hate to bring clothes back and grimace when I buy and never wear it.

    Thanks for the story; it made me smile.