Monday, June 28, 2010

I am grateful for MIRACLES!

Our Miracle!
Gratitude is just the tip of the iceberg to describe my feelings for our daughter Emily. We have fought 8 long years for her to be healthy.
Thursday we went to her long term Bone Marrow Transplant clinic appointment. I made my husband come along this time since the last time we went to one of these, I thought they would say she was doing great, but no such luck. I ended up listening to talk about Chemo therapy treatments etc for the next 4 hours all by myself!
ANYWAY... This year is our MIRACLE year :) Emily is finally developing her own immune system. She is at 80% which is truly amazing. The only thing they are concerned about is her weight and height. (She is very small) If she continues as she has been she will end up being about 4' 11" on a good day. She isn't happy about being smaller then Jacqueline and Thomas but she will soon see that being small is no big deal!
Miracles really do happen in our lifetime. We just have to believe in them and know that they WILL come; in the LORDS TIME! I feel so blessed!!!
Thanks for all the gratitude posts everyone! They are a great way to start off my day on a positive note!!!


  1. WOW, Jill, you have an incredible little girl and definitly a lot to be greatful for!

  2. Jill, I have a child who is disabled and has been a miracle in our lives! I'm so happy that your daughter is progressing positively!

  3. You are amazing! Here I was complaining to myself about my problems today when I read your post. Thank you for putting things into perspective for me. I am so grateful for your little miracle.

    (Oh and by the way, my 28 year old sister is only 4'11" and for her it does have some perks. She can buy a lot of her clothes and shoes for half the price because she can still shop in the children's section. Of course that is probably not something your daughter will appreciate until she is older.)

  4. Jill, your Emily is adorable, cute and an incredible miricle. As my husband says, "Our family not only believes in miracles, we rely on them", I think your family does too. I know your family and your sweet Emily have gone through some very difficult times and I'm grateful that you have been blessed what I'm sure has been several miracles.

    4'11" is a super height because the very best things come in small packages. I hope and pray that your Emily's check ups just get better and better.

  5. Could there be a cuter little girl than your Emily? Seriously, she is darling. And we feel joy for you and your great news! I'm sure much of her growing immune system is due to a diligent mother! Way to go Jill and family. Keep it up Emily!

  6. Jill,

    Your daughter is a beautiful, lovely miracle. I am thrilled that Emily's numbers are so great. Thank you for letting us bask in the glow of your family's miracle!