Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Everyday Blessings

First off, Audrey, thank you for your inspired challenge idea. The last few days since you issued the challenge, I have really been pondering what it is I am truly grateful for. It has caused an entire shift in my thinking and made me more aware of how blessed I am. When I let my complaints and worries go and just focus on the amazing things around me I can't help but smile and have a better attitude about everything.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading others thoughts on gratitude and once again I sit in awe of the wonderful women that you all are. This blog makes me want to be better in all aspects of life thanks to you wonderful, amazing, inspiring ladies.

My list is long and continually growing so I have actually decided to start a gratitude journal for myself. I had one just before I got married and wrote 5 things every day. My only rule was I couldn't repeat anything.

I decided for this challenge to post my first entry here (and I will keep it to 5 in no particular order).

1. I am grateful for my husband. I don't even know where to begin when talking about him. He is the perfect match for me.

2. I am grateful for my children. They may be a bit wild and cause me more stress than I think I can handle sometimes but I still love them and appreciate all they teach me.

3. I am grateful for my parents. I never realized how much they did/do for me until I became a parent. I will forever be indebted to them.

4. I am grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is my strength and my guiding light.

5. I am grateful for all the gals from HWHL. Your examples, stories, strength and support boost me each day. Thank You!


  1. Cammy, thanks for this post. It's so important to think about what we are grateful for and it can encompass so many things.

    Looks like you really thought about this and are in a good spot. Take this and run girl. You can accomplish many things with a clear head on your shoulders.

  2. You will look back on your Gratitude Journal with gratitude in the years to come. It will be a source of joy and inspiration! Thanks for sharing your first entry with us!

  3. Cammy, so grateful that you joined this group and thanks for sharing such special feelings and thoughts.