Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Top Five Healthy Family Reunion Moments

1. McDonald's stops here and back. My meal of choice: a premium Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken & half the dressing (400 calories) and rather impressive from the golden arches. Mindy's hubby (my bro) convinced me that the movie Supersize Me was a good thing for McDonald's. That salad is the proof.

2. Making the kids hop peg leg style, walk the plank by holding plank position, balance a pirate ship on their heads for thirty seconds, suck on lemons and eat saltines. Healthy Wives know how to make healthy fun for their kiddos.

3. Just Dancing (Wii) with the Healthy Wives who can all shake their groove thang with the best of 'em.

4. Balancing lime chips with healthy veggie salsa, cookies with carrots, ice cream with fruit. And staying true to HWHL in the car snacking department: nuts, light string cheese and laughing cows, apples, grapes, hardboiled eggs, carrot sticks, water and more water.

5. Sneaking in a few laps at the pool during the adult swim minutes before the hail--yes, hail, you read correctly--pelted us all. The sky was falling!

But those were just moments. The best thing of all was being with everyone and living life to the fullest. And that was a part of every moment. For what it's worth, my two cents is this: don't obsess about food to the point where you aren't enjoying your summer reunions with family. Have your cookies and your carrots. And realize the routine will still be there waiting for you when you get home (or when everyone leaves, as the case may be).


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  2. The Carlson reunion 2010 is now officially over as the leftovers were eaten tonight for dinner by assorted family member. This afternoon I headed back to the gym followed by a healthy dinner out with 3 daughters and a friend. My dinner choices were a piece of salmon and a dinner salad, I've got my "Healthy Wife" groove back......and I'm totally exhausted.

  3. I love the advice about not obsessing. I find when I obsess I automatically gain 5 pounds!

    And good for McD's. Nice to know there are options out there!

  4. Such a cute group of women! Thanks for sharing your family reunion experience with us. It is so good to see others succeed even at tempting family events. Way to go!

  5. Maybe I should try getting everyon at my family reunions to join this blog. Then we can support each other in our food choices. Thanks for the great post Melissa! I love the obsessing part. You are so with it in your food choices.