Monday, June 28, 2010

The Food Reunion, I mean Family Reunion

There is just no way of getting around having too much food at a family reunion. Keeping 10 adults and 12 children happy is no easy task. This year The QueenVee with her trusty new oven decided that a bake-a-thon would be the easiest way to keep the swarming beehive of activity to a controllable hummmm. She made more cookies than I want to even think about and topped that off with SEVERAL loaves of delectable banana bread only to be accompanied by the yummiest 12+ cartons of ice cream.

Now don't you Healthy Wives in training fret there were plenty of vegetables and fruit to be had....more than plenty, but you had to makes smart decisions. You see, even with the virtual smorgasbord board of food you could control your own portions and decide exactly what you were going to eat.

Friday and Saturday I have to say I'm pretty dang proud of myself. Good breakfast, good lunch, which meant that even if I had a yummy dinner I was not taking back all my weeks of good eating. Today was a little harder with the BEST BREAKFAST ever and Yummy Enchiladas for dinner. But I didn't feel completely out of control.

So how you may be wondering did 5 of your HWHL participants fair....well here is a photo montage just for you.
I'm just not sure what to do...which to choose....what will I do? I decided for fun we should Rochambeau to see what people choose and here is the result.

Ro, Cham, Beau......

Samantha (Dragonfly), carrot, she said she has to counter balance that she isn't exercising regularly yet due to baby still waking up on the middle of the night.

Victoria (Queen V), cookie, my biggest surprise. I guess when you make that many cookies you do have to try them.

Mindy, cookie. Well when you look that good and run that fast you can eat those every once in a while.

Melissa (Apis Melliflora), her last minute decision was the carrot but I don't think that cookie was too far behind.

Audrey, well. I like the best of both worlds and maybe eating a cookie and carrot together they cancel each other out....right, somebody throw me a line here? Just kidding. It was actually the first cookie I had all weekend.

But seriously ladies. Sometimes its time to have the cookies. Enjoy life in moderation, enjoy your hard work, your successes. That's part of being happy. Remember that this is something you need to be able to do for the rest of your life and part of that is allowing yourself to enjoy it a little. Moderation in all things. When you hit that bump, jump right up and keep going.

Now get your hand out of the cookie jar!


  1. All good food/family reunions must come to an end.

    We've had a blast but eating and playing like this can't last except in our memories.

    Too much food, most of it healthy some not so healthy...the healthy wives have tried to make good choices and I think have done a good job.

    Audrey I didn't make the chocolate mousse cake that I had planned for today but as you recall I did make the egg braid bread. My solution to encourage us to make good choices with the Egg Braid bread was to give a loaf of it away to our friend who helped to take photos of our large fam. I recommend sharing baked goods with others to help you healthy wives make good choices....just eliminate the choice.

    It will be hard to top yesterdays Pirate Day but we will try, the last day for this reunion includes swimming, Target gift exchange, barbecue, and fireworks. Back to the gym tomorrow!!!!!!

  2. Oh my, looks like so much fun. You are all so cute!!! Audrey, I am taking your advice to heart. Moderation, and back on the horse. Here's to a new week!

  3. You guys are so darling!! What a fun reunion!

    I must say things have been SUPER crazy with family, family and more family so I must take a break... I will still be checking in and doing my best to eat right but I can't commit myself to writing in and doing all the point stuff. Don't worry, I just need to put some other things, like my kids first right now! It's amazing how little time I have when they are around! :)

  4. Audrey, you crack me up! I love the carrot/cookie combo meal. If only there was a carrot attached to every cookie I ate!

    Thanks for the laugh and the motivation. I think food and family parties are the toughest combo for anyone!

  5. You ladies are so beautiful! I love the pictures. And I love all the red white and blue. Very cool!

  6. There was some absolutely delicious food going on. My favorite was--shocker--a salad Samantha made. I went back for seconds and ate the leftovers the next day too.

    One great thing about getting together with family is that you don't just have to sit around and eat...and we didn't!

  7. The carrot I ate was delish. The cookie afterwards was also delish. And now my baby has decided he will sleep through the night, so I guess it's time to exercise.

  8. Oops, that was me (Dragonfly) not Apis! :)