Friday, June 11, 2010

We Did It As A Family!

I had all but dismissed the challenge of trying a new vegetable because we have the craziest week with end of baseball, end of school, birthday party, etc.

Then I took my 7 year old grocery shopping with me.  As we wandered the produce aisle, me filling the card with yummy fruits, he approached me and told me he really wanted to buy something.  I asked him what and he pulled an eggplant from behind his back!

Here's how our conversation went during the rest of the shopping trip:

Me:  That's an eggplant!
Him:  That's a funny name.  It doesn't look like an egg. Does it come from a tree that chickens like to eat?

Him:  I really like holding this eggplant like it's a little baby.
Me: You're weird.

Him:  Mom?  What color is eggplant?
Me:  It's eggplant. ( I know, I should have said aubergine.)
Him:  Cool, eggplant has its own color named after it.

Him: Mom, how are we going to fix this eggplant?
Me:  I think we'll roast it with some salt and pepper and put a little parmesan on top when it comes out.
Him:  I don't want to put cheese on it.
Me:  Why not? You like cheese.
Him:  But not on top of fruit.
Me:  Oh, sweetie, do you think eggplant is a fruit?
Him:  It's not?
Me: Nope, it's a veggie.  Do you still want to buy it?
Him:  Totally.

Then when we picked up siblings from ball practice, he immediately gloated that he got to buy an eggplant and we were all going to eat it together - groan from big {picky} brother, jealousy from big sister who wants her own eggplant baby.

We ended up grilling it with a garlic/basil marinade.  I was proud of my two non-picky kids who popped it right into their mouths with no fear.  It was delish!


  1. You've got to love that Red Dog. He loves tomatoes and picks out egg plant as a treat. I'm totally impressed by your veggie success.

  2. Maybe Red Dog will be a chef someday. He's very food-venturous. That conversation was really sweet.

  3. As soon as my kids realized that eggplant is not fruit they weren't having any part of it. I'm happy that you have at least a few non picky eaters in your house.

  4. Love that little boy! Love eggplants, too!