Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My silly mental block

I have sat down several times over the past week trying to post something on this blog, but for some reason or another I end up scrapping what I have written so nothing ever gets posted.

Anyone who knows me, knows I NEVER run out of things to say, but when it comes to writing I get this mental block and though I write a lot down, very little actually stays on the page. I don't know why, but I worry about everything when I am writing from the punctuation to double meanings. Maybe it is the fact that I can go back and reread what I have written that creates the problem. When I am talking I can’t take back what I have said (it’s really too bad sometimes too) so I just keep going.

I know this blog is kind of a safe haven so as we go through this challenge I’ll keep trying to step out of my comfort zone and post some things.

I also wanted to add, I have loved reading everyone’s posts. It is so comforting to hear women dealing with the same things I am. Your fun stories, recipes and encouraging words have made all the difference this past week. I have failed so many times at past diets and ”lifestyle changes” but this time around I really feel like I can do it, so thanks to all of you for that.


  1. Cammy I am right there with you!!! I guess we just need to write :) Way to go girl!

  2. No reason to fear - all friends here. We love to hear what you have to say Cammy!

  3. Me too! I'm there with you and Jill. It's hard to funnel my thoughts onto a computer screen. We love to hear from you though, so just spit it out Cammy! Chad constantly make fun of me for my use of words, but I don't mind...it makes perfect sense in my little brain. Keep it up! We're here to cheer you on!

  4. When I get a mental block in writing it's usually because I've slipped into writing for other people. It's like stage fright because all of a sudden I'm performing.

    When I write for myself, to make my mind clear it's easier and SO cathartic. And I think that's what this forum is about; writing for you and your own process. And in turn, we all get to learn from you.

  5. Ditto Jennifer (or do you prefer Jenn?). Cammy, we are just happy to have you on board, excited to get to know you, and anxious to support you in your journey to good health!

  6. Cammy,

    Just write from your heart and it's all good, typos and all. You can reread and even rewrite! Plus we're happy to encourage and support you on your journey! You can do it!

  7. I make spelling and grammatical mistakes in everything I write, it has now become expected and somewhat of an inside joke. I call it my Shaker incuse. Shakers felt it was an affront to God to make anything perfect so they always made an imperfection in their work/creations.

    We're just here to support each other and hopefully meet long desired goals. I think it's wonderful that we can come together, thanks to Audrey, and encourage, empathize and support each other as we make this journey together. We're so glad you've signed up for this trip with us Cammy.

  8. Cammy, you'll learn that I write what I think...it comes out the way I talk which means it's usually not grammatically correct or even make sense. I write so I can make myself accountable for what I'm doing. If I say I'm going to start running, everyone here is going to ask me if I have....

    This week I had to write about being in a funk. I didn't feel like I could come back and put on my smiley face like I normally do without writing what I had gone through. It helps me and then I find out it helps others too.

    I think you'll find the writing comes easier as you realize you don't have to write about anything important. Tell us something funny you've done, seen, read, and it doesn't have to be about getting healthy.

    There is a lot of love here and you're part of it!