Thursday, June 10, 2010


I LOVE it when my kids get out for the summer. The only problem I am having this year is getting myself out of the "funk" I have been in for the past week or so. Especially the last 2 days. My stomach is STILL queazy and rotten from all the food I inhaled! I say inhaled because that's unfortunately what I did!
Ironically, food doesn't even taste good when I do this. UGH! I'm trying to remind myself why I want to be healthy. Why I want to stick to this challenge. I guess it's time to just DO IT!
My kids don't stress me out, but I guess not being in our regular routine is throwing me off. It is nice to see others have been struggling a bit. I guess it's time to be like you and pick myself up and keep going. Life is too short to stay down too long :)


  1. Don't beat yourself up Jill because sometimes life takes over and we just have to go along for the ride. The great thing about this group is we understand because we've all been in the same situation. So get out of your funk and know that we are here for you. I know you can do it.

    What fabulous looking kiddos and look how happy they are to be out of school. I remember exactly how they feel.

  2. Yeah! Summer started for you guys!!! That's awesome. We still have one more week.

    Yep, this is the next step in the challenge for most of us, keep exercising, eating right and positive mental attitude with the kiddos home. If I can make it through this summer I think I'll be hitting a home run since it was the major downfall in my life happened last year.

    You can do it Jill, baby step it all the way through!

  3. Um, could your kids be any cuter? I say no!

  4. You go Jill. Life seems so hard sometimes doesn't it. I know what you mean...I do the same thing with food. When I come across yummy food I have no self control. Normally we can choose to avoid something we are tempted by and run from it like Joseph did to Potiphars wife, but with food, we just can't go running away from food. We need it to survive. It's a hard thing to be tempted by.

  5. Look at your cute Kiddoes, they look like a fun bunch! It's funny that we are all saying the same thing about the funk. Maybe it's the time frame, like a 3 month slump or something.

  6. Marci- I love how you drew a parallel between food and Potiphar's wife. Totally made me laugh out loud!

  7. Your kids are a good-lookin', joyful bunch!

    Summer is definitely a challenge because of the lack of routine around here too. We brainstorm fun summer activities to do, make a list and try to get through it by the end of the summer. We never succeed. But knowing there are many, many activities to take us (me especially!) out of the house with the kids is a comfort.

    It's crazy how busy summer is these days. Maybe your recent struggle with food has something to do with the end of year craziness transitioning into summer craziness?

  8. I have to thank all of you for your comments and support. I didn't realize how much it means to me. You lift me up when I didn't think it would be possible! I am so grateful to you all for encouraging me to better myself.
    Like my son says, YOU GUYS ARE THE "BOMB"! (this IS a compliment :)