Saturday, June 12, 2010

Moveable feast

Today I took my kids to a family festival. There were some twenty food stands there, but I had packed sandwiches on whole wheat, carrot sticks, apples and homemade trail mix (with mini-marshmallows and chocolate chips, for the kids). Plus a big tumbler of ice cold water. So we all ate a healthy lunch as our moveable feast instead of the festival food options: funnel cake, gyros, hot dogs, chips, cotton candy, Dove bars and the like. I was not hailed as a good mom for bringing our lunches. No, instead, I was dubbed "the meanest mom in the world." Sound familiar? I did, however, treat them to a lemon ice later when the temperatures climbed.

And I thought of all of you when I saw this group of parade participants! Look at those veggies (a leaf of red cabbage and a pickle where there too) and the protein: a fish. Only thing I'd change: white to wheat. Good stuff.


  1. Funnel cakes, gyros, cotton candy and Dove bars sounds good to me. I love all those food items.....really I do. But if I had been with you today I wouldn't have eaten any of them, but I'm not ruling them out though in the future. You're a good mom teaching your kids to eat healthy and think of all the money you saved too. Now about that veggie parade, that poor lettuce is looking a tad bit wilted, must have been a hot day in Cleveland just like the humid scorcher we had here in old Virginny.

  2. I love walking if they'd walk right onto my plate it would make everything easier.

  3. I love the decorative toothpick to keep those healthy foods together!

    This made me smile!

  4. Boy I needed you today. We went to a Scottish festival and instead of planning ahead and packing a good dinner we went to Wendy's.

    You are such a great example. I have made a promise to myself to be better next time or should I say "the meanest mom ever!"