Monday, June 7, 2010


Foodgawker has been my new go to food blog because it's a magical portal into the wonderful world of yummy food. A round-up blog that pulls together the best of the many wonderful food blogs, it is an index, if you will.

Foodgawker is organized photographically. We can probably all agree that the photographs are the best part of a cook book. It also has a search engine so that you can look up recipes by ingredient or category (great for this week's veggie challenge). This is a huge help to me because I can see what the meal will look like on the plate right away and determine if it has a fighting chance to make it past my picky eaters's eyes and into their mouths.

I am a gawker geek. . . and proud of it. Go gawk your way to a some tasty new meals!


  1. I'm a total gawker of food blogs. All the things I want to cook are bout a bazillion calories.

  2. I love almost anything in a tortilla.

    I don't know if I can handle foodgawker right now. I think it would be kinda like porn for me.