Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bad Brownie Day

See that fella on the counter. Well, that's how I'm feeling right now. I haven't had a chance to walk in the last couple of days because of rain and the last day of school. Schlumph. Also, I made a pan of special brownies for my 3rd grader on his last school day and the recipe was a total flop. The kids didn't even finish their one brownie. What's more: I ate a largish one in its entirety, not because it was delicious, but because I made it and felt obligated to the recipe (how weird is that?). I did pitch the rest though despite the food wasting guilt.

So, one of the things I do when I'm feeling schlumpy is make myself a cup of tea. The ritual of making a hot cup of something (in this case decaffeinated green tea) and slowly sipping it calms me and gives me a fresh start. I mostly stick to herbal and decaffeinated varieties. Not suggesting anyone veer from the wisdom of her faith, just sharing a little calming ritual that makes me feel like I'm getting a do-over. And I definitely need a do-over on this gray, bad-brownie, no exercise day.


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  2. Trying this again...

    Anyone who cooks has had a Bad Brownie Day or something like unto it in their life time of cooking. Bad Brownie days always seem occur when you're cooking for an event too.

    Gray day, a warm beverage of your choice and the Bad Brownies trashed (I suffer from food wasting quilt also) means you're moving forward which is a form of mental and emotional exercise, a point to you I say.

    It's a gray and rainy here today as well which means I'm off to the gym while nature waters my yard for me.

  3. Sipping drinks calms me as well. Once my sister made a double batch of sugar cookies at my house, except that instead of flour, she used the powdered sugar (she couldn't tell the difference, haha)! There went ALL those ingredients into the trash. AAAHHH! Time for a nice mug of hot chocolate!

  4. That mug is awesome. It made my rainy day a bit more cheerful. Don't feel bad about throwing out the brownies - did you see my trashed apple pie? Tomorrow's a new day!

  5. That is one ornery looking mug! Where does one get such a mug?

    I've many stories about completely messing up recipes; all have left me in tears while dialing for pizza.

    Hang in there!

  6. Ok, one thing I'm really good at is baking. At least I think I am and people tell me I am. But, I don't do it as much because I like to eat it all by always makes to much. But, I've learned brownies from a BOX are always better than brownies from scratch. Take it as a lesson learned. Somethings are better from scratch...this is not one of them.

    I love herbal tea. I have a variety fruity box that I'm using right now. I think chilling with a hot cup of something is always bad Diet Coke isn't served hot...but it is soothing.

    As for the mug...where in the wold did that come from? I think I'd use it everyday just because it would make me laugh!

    Here is to a new day!