Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Little Teeny Tiny Cabbages

Little teeny tiny cabbages, that's what I think Brussels Sprouts look like don't you? I had planned to make the Swiss Chard Gratin recipe that I posted but I never got to the store to buy the Swiss Chard so for my extra veggie points I went with the Brussel Sprouts that I had purchased on Saturday.

I didn't use a recipe but just prepared them in a way that I thought would be tasty. I only prepared one portion as I knew that he who will not be named would not eat any of them. I cut five sprouts into quarters and blanched them in some lightly salted water for 4 minutes. Then I sauteed one strip of bacon (cut in small pieces) and a quarter of a large onion thinly sliced for about 5 minutes. I added my sprouts and sauteed for a couple of more minutes, finished up with a grinding of fresh pepper and then ate these pretty fragrant veggies with some baked Mahi Mahi......hmmm, good.

I thought those little teeny tiny cabbages were very tasty and the bacon accounted for most of the calories and one slice is not that many calories.


  1. I love those teeny tiny cabbages! And Mahi Mahi, I'm jealous of your delicious dinner! Yum!

  2. I didn't know Voldemort lived at your house. Will he at least eat the fish?

  3. My mother stuffed me with these "little cabbages", plus rutabegas, rutamoose, collard greens, endless asparagus, eggplant, chard, artichokes, multiple kinds of squash and any other weird vegetable you can name. All in the name of diversity...

    Meanwhile, I was a peas, carrots, greenbeans, broccoli, corn, kinda guy.

    While I am the Queen's loyal subject, and the Commander of the Queen's Own Royal Tanks, she does not have the royal perogative to repeat my childhood nightmares.

  4. By the way, Sue, I loved the fish, ate all the rice and the salad. Finished off the sliced fruit for dessert, as well. Beware of the lightning scar which may soon appear on your forehead.

  5. Your inventive recipe sounds simple and tasty. One slice of bacon would make any vegetable sing!

  6. Sounds like a good rendition of the Brussels Sprouts we had at Mindy's and love!

    Dad, you should eat them...they are probably better than you remember. I've tried tons of things that I wouldn't eat as a kid and most of them I like now!

    Way to go Queenie

  7. Hahaha! I always love reading Ken's comments, he cracks me up! I don't like peas for the same reasons.