Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I ate beets, and I can prove it.

Do any of you watch The Office? Can you ever look at beets without thinking of Dwight? Did you see the episode where Angela looked like this:

Hilarious, but totally creepy!

I'm happy to report that I ate some beets and I liked it! I found a recipe that utilized the greens, too, because I don't like waste and I do like greens. You can find it here.

I picked beets because they are the only vegetable I've ever had that I didn't like. My mom used to make them from a can. Gag. They made me want to hurl, but my brother liked them, so we had them on his birthday a few times.

I've never had them as an adult, but they use them on Iron Chef, so I HAD to believe that fresh beets were yummier than grody canned ones. And, hooray, I was right! Even the kids liked them!

I can now say the only food I don't like is fish and black licorice.


  1. Come over to the dark licorice is so yummy and fish too (but not together).

  2. I'm with Melissa, come to the dark side.

    As for the beets...I'll have to try fresh...because I'm not a all. And you teeth remind me of when we use to have to swish swash to see our plague in school...yuck

  3. Maybe you'd like a salmon dish with licorice infused balsamic reduction if it had a beet salsa on top? No, maybe not.

  4. You smile beats everthing after your feast of beets. I'm smiling, laughing and thinking that recipe looks very tasty. Good job Mindy on finding a beet recipe that you liked.

    Now about that licorice, Good and Plenty yum, it was voted the most sexy smelll to woman. Come to the sexy dark side my dear.

  5. Yep, that would be YOUR smile Mindy....Shaker!

  6. Maybe someday we'll find you some REALLY fresh fish and fantastic black licorice! It's always made me a little sad that you don't enjoy one of the greatest sweets around. :)

  7. Jenn, this coming from the women who doesn't like chocolate?

  8. Haha, hmmm...good point! Brian is trying to figure out which brother your talking about. Or if it's him. Maybe I'll cook up some beets and we'll find out.