Friday, April 23, 2010

You've got my back!

One of the areas that needed serious attention prior to starting these challenges was my back. The muscles in my back had all but disappeared which meant that if I didn't stand up straight (an issue for me) that I had the bra overhang thingy going on. But, boy have I seen progress in my back. I've been doing lots of push ups with all of you, lots of hand weight work and lifting a 15 bar in various and sundry difficult ways at the gym. I've also been picking up my kids more often, even my 75 pounder and hugging them tightly.

To combat my tendency to slouch, I've ordered what looks like a heavy duty sports bra (think mega straps) without the cups. It's supposed to put pressure on my shoulder blades if I don't stand up straight. Also, if you see me in person, do me a favor: when I'm slouching, take you hand and push it against my lower back. That's usually my husband's job. It's my awareness trick because sometimes I'm not even aware I'm slouching. Do you have any not so healthy behaviors you engage in completely unaware? How do you combat them?


  1. A bra without cups? I'll bet Thomas is in hog heaven!

  2. I'm convinced that if I had 2 pounds less brest tissue I would stand up straighter. I've been pretending I have a book balanced on my head when I'm on the treadmill, that helps me to stand taller. I'm shrinking so I need to get as much height as possible out of what's left.

  3. OK, now I'll make a useful comment. When I first started exercising I did a Pilates weight loss video and it helped with my posture SO MUCH! I haven't done Pilates in awhile because I'm trying to burn lots of calories, but I need to work it back in at least a couple times a week because it made a big difference in my posture.