Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Hi ladies!

I've been cooking and making all sorts of delishness around here. Very unlike me. They're starting to wonder if their mother/wife has been replaced by an alien. And this alien has actually gone through an entire mesh bag of yellow onions for the first time in her life without a single one rotting (since these challenges began) and there's also the garlic. The husband comes home and says "Whew! Garlic breath! What did you have for lunch today?!" Often the culprit is hummus, but today the answer is this yummy salad: spinach, mandarin oranges, toasted almond slivers, dried cranberries and a homemade dressing (oils, vinegar, orange juice, honey, ginger, garlic).

I need to get a serious pack of breath enhancing gum before the husband comes home from work though.


  1. That salad looks delicious but where's the protein and a few carbs? Audrey was with me while I ate my lunch and she said to me, "you need to be eating more protein and more carbs", so I quickly ate some cottage cheese along with my sandwich.

  2. Oh baby that salad looks delish!

  3. I think the veggies are carbs and the nuts are protein. But I could use a reminder about how much protein I'm supposed to be getting and more info on good and bad carbs. Information is power!

  4. Apis dear one,

    Unless that yummy salad has corn or potatoes in it you're not eating very many carbs. Consider adding a slice of whole grain bread.

    Protein, my trainer says I need to have a 100 grams a day.

    What do the other ladies think, how much protein are you trying for each day?

    Artichoke - 6.9g
    Asparagus (6) - 2.4g
    Beans, green - 2.9g
    Bok Choy - 0.7g
    Broccoli - 1.7g
    Brussels Sprouts - 7.6g
    Cabbage - 1.1g
    Carrot - 5.1g
    Cauliflower - 1.5g
    Celery - 0.8g
    Corn - 14.1g
    Cucumber - 1.8g
    Eggplant - 2.0g
    Lettuce - 0.5g
    Mushroom - 1.0g
    Onion - 4g
    Parsnip - 9g
    Peas - 6.5g
    Peppers, Green - 3.4g
    Peppers, Red - 3.3g
    Pickle (1 medium) - 2g
    Potato - 14g
    Potato, Sweet (1) - 28g
    Pumpkin - 6.3g
    Radish - 0.5g
    Rutabaga - 4.0g
    Spinach - 0.2g
    Squash, yellow - 1.4g
    Tomato - 3.2g
    Turnips - 2.3g
    Yams - 20g
    Zucchini (green squash) - 3.3g