Thursday, April 22, 2010

What's Your Age?

For Christmas this past year I got a Wii & Wii Fit. Finally {just yesterday, APRIL 21st?!} I plugged it in for the first time and got started. Took long enough eh? Well really I didn't have the room to even play it until we moved a month ago...but it still took me A MONTH to set it up. I've had friends who talk about it so I kind of expected what was coming on the first time until it said my physical age was 39. 39?! {I'm 25} I'm not a big fan of the BMI, but it kept going up and up and up and I almost gasped as it inched closer to obese. Yuck. Thankfully it stopped just shy of obese, just highly overweight. That should be motivation right there right? Do you do Wii Fit? What's your physical age? What's your favorite exercises? I tried hula hooping, running, biking {pretty much running but I thought it was more accurate since you are on the pad and it goes by how fast your switch your feet, where running you run off the pad}, and a little yoga. I still need to get to the gym, but it seems like something that you can still get some good work outs on if you don't make it to the real deal.

From moving into our new house and setting up all new utilities, buying necessities that we didn't have from our previous house, etc...etc....etc., we've been pretty broke. It's hard to buy healthy food with not a lot of money. I've been eating a lot of chicken, but there hasn't been veggies or fruit in this house in a long while. Thankfully my tax return should be here tomorrow and I am going on a huge grocery trip. I'm actually kinda excited about it because I won't have pinch the pennies on this grocery trip. Have any ideas on your favorite healthy stuff to buy? I always finding myself wanting all these things in my head and then when I go to grab it at the store I freak at the price and find an excuse to not buy it because it costs too much. I need help!
I can't wait for this to be flourishing with veggies. I have dreams about going out to my garden in the morning to grab my snacks for work. No fuss, no buying, just easy.

Thank you girls for always posting fabulous things to keep us all motivated.


  1. Great looking garden! It's so cheerful already. Where do you live? What things are you growing? I'd love to get some gardening ideas and tips flowing here on Healthy Wife.

  2. Thanks! It's a lot more work than I expected. When we moved into our house it was FULL of LOTS of weeds, but I knew it was a garden before all the weeds overtook. I live in Sacramento, California. This is actually the first time I have grown my own garden and I think I may have planted more than I should have but we'll see how it turns out. What I have is 5 {way too many} tomato plants, green & yellow bell peppers, jalapenos, thai peppers, cayenne peppers, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, sugar snap peas, artichoke, cantaloupe and strawberries. This is my second try with the cantaloupe because the bugs in my yard ate both of the first ones I planted and my watermelon. The herbs in the back are spearmint and lemon balm which were already there when we moved in. On top of that I have a lemon, peach, cherry and chinese apple tree. It's going to be a busy summer.

  3. I know some veggies and fruits can be quite expensive, but I also know some are pretty affordable. Go buy the most affordable ones: cabbage, apples, carrots, beans, pears and asparagus right now, to name a few.

    I am hoping to plant an herb container garden in what I hope is a deer free zone this year so that I can have my own fresh cilantro, basil, thyme, dill, rosemary, oregano and chives.

    Your planned garden sounds absolutely delectable!

  4. My suggestion is by things for a few days and then go back. I know it's a pain but that way you don't waste it and you know if you want more of it or not. Buy what's in season and that will help keep the cost down but you'll be surprise how much you can really by when you do it a bit at a time and don't waste.

    I'm a big fan of broccoli florets and squash, onions, and strawberries.

    I can't wait to hear how your garden goes. I'm on year two of mine and hoping for more success. I'm sure mom and dad would love some of your extras!!!

    Good luck!

  5. Oh yeah, I hate what my wii fit tells me but it's the truth. I also don't like what my scale tells me but it's the truth too! (it also does a age thing) but I keep truckin' and enjoy the little improvements.

    I like the step stuff and the yoga. Have tons of fun!

  6. Happy new house and new garden! AND, happy wii! Isn't it great that they have something for everyone? I tried it at my sisters and loved it. We don't have any gaming systems but I have been tempted to get the wii. My son would never get off the games so we haven't gone that route. But, if the kids were getting exercise while having fun how can you say no to that???

    Good luck with your shopping trip. One thing I have learned to love is fresh garlic and cilantro!! It makes everything taste so fresh!

  7. I love the Wii fit. And we have found that there are lots of games we can play with our kids. It is really fun to be together, moving our bodies and laughing - I highly recommend Just Dance as a great cardio option that will make you split your pants laughing too.

    As far as favorite produce, I am a huge fan of the sweet potato! Cook one up in the mircowave, or roast strips with a little drizzlew of olive oil, some kosher salt and some rosemary. Delish! I also put cucumbers and spinach on everything. Yummy dark greens!

  8. I lost all my baby weight with the Wii, so I'm a believer. My first age was 43 (I was 29 at the time) but once you figure out the balance games it will get closer to your real age. I like the free step, which you probably haven't unlocked yet. I put on ankle weights, grab some hand weights and step on and off the board for a half hour while I watch TV, while working my arms.

    Veggies- There are some grocery stores that have really great prices on fresh produce. I wouldn't just settle with Ralph's or Von's or wherever you shop. I'm not sure where you live in California, but you should see if there is a Henry's or a Sprouts nearby. I shop at Sprouts here in Colorado and it is kinda like a mini Whole Foods with cheap produce and meat. This week I got vine ripe tomatoes for 49 cents a pound, cucumbers were 3/$1, red bell peppers were 88 cents each. Plus, sale prices last eight days, so Wednesdays overlap! Also, my flea market/swap meat has a huge section where farmers sell fresh produce for very cheap! Cheaper than anywhere else I've ever seen. Maybe you have something like that around you.

  9. Jill, Cilantro is my current taste obsession. See above.

  10. Thanks for the info!

    I loooove cilantro. I am trying to keep mine alive. I think I forgot that in my list.

    Do you guys have a favorite protein bar? I really need some easy snacks for work so I don't fall into the "I'm stressed out so I am going to eat candy" mode.

  11. I bought the Wii Fit for my grandkids, actually I bought it for myself but the grands use it. I don't know how to use it but I bet if I stood on the scale thingy it would say I was 100 years old. I guess it's time to have Chris L give me a Wii lesson.