Thursday, December 2, 2010

What goes first?

When I take a week (or two) off of my regular work out routine, my arms and upper back muscles always seem to go first. That is, when I get back into the routine, I can't lift the weights without serious effort and shakiness. Is that normal? Only two weeks out and already the body wants to become jello. Maybe I didn't eat enough protein the day before. Or maybe my body is like my only takes a short while before it loses its sheen and slumps with clutter.

What area of your body is the first to go when you take a break?


  1. I'm not sure about what "goes" but I lose weight in my face first it seems like and definitely first when gaining it back. Not a fan of my fat face!

  2. my tummy and my arms are what I've noticed. Of course the first place I lose it seems to be around the bust. figures.

  3. M,
    Sounds like a combination of a couple of things. yes, arms and tummies are the first things to go for myself and many people.

    I think may not have had enough rest or enough food in your system when you headed back.

    Good news, although even two weeks off can decrease your strength or cardio ability you can gain it back faster than you did the first time. You'll probably feel stronger at your next class. This fact has been written about in many articles and I learned about it in school too!

  4. Yep Audrey's correct, arms and abs..... and those arms and abs get harder and harder to keep fit as you age, I'm a living testimony to that!