Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm on the wagon again....

In august, I signed up for my first half marathon! If you know me at all, I am NOT a runner. when I started running again last June, I couldnt even run a 1/2 of a mile without needing an inhaler for my running asthma. I just ran my longest run ever 2 Saturday's ago... 5 miles!

After running a 5K turkey trot last week, I'm wondering what I am doing!!!!! I was dying after the first mile because I forgot to go to the bathroom that morning. I had a goal of running it in under 31 minutes because I had wanted to qualify to sign up for a second half marathon in March. Despite my asthma flare up and wanting to wet myself on the run, I did qualify, JUST barely! 30 min and 57 sec.

Seriously! Could I have cut it any closer??? LOL
I have decided even though I did qualify, that I am not going to run the March 1/2 marathon I was wanting to. I think running a 2nd half marathon 3 weeks after my very first one, is a little insane and a bit too hard on my body. No worries though, I am looking at one in April to run! :)

So, I have 2 big challenges starting for me this week.

First, even though I've been running, it has been conditioning and building my base. Today is the first day of my official half marathon training program. Running in the cold is going to be a big challenge for me. I actually love to run when it is 45-50 degrees out. But trying to get me out in 30 degree temps is very hard. I have no choice but to run early in the morning at sunrise, because of Jeff's work and school schedule. So freezing cold runs are inevitable. I am NOT a treadmill runner. I hate it. Loathe it. BUT... I did sign up at the new LA Fitness.... if it ever opens! That will be a great way for me to cross train, and give me no excuses to not workout. I am actually looking forward to it and am getting impatient for them to open (they are late by 2 weeks so far).

Second, I am going to really make myself accountable for my intake.... eating, drinking etc. I actually eat extremely healthy, and low calories, but I must be doing something wrong because my weight is not coming down.

Last winter, after I had Eden, I dropped from 185 to 170. Then when I got serious about running, I dropped 2 pounds. That's IT!. Now, before I'm told I'm "loosing fat and gaining muscle" I will agree. I have dropped from a size 16 post baby, to a size 10 (probably an 8 if I didnt have the excess muffin top of stretched skin - thank you pregnancy!) BUT... my weight is not coming down. And I know we arent suppose to be focused on a weight goal, but... I am tired of going into the dr's office and being called obese because all they go off of is my weight and not my overall health. So I do need to loose some actual weight.

I'm excited to get "on a program", but I'm a little nervous to post here. I only really know 2 of you in really life and it is a bit lonely and vulnerable to post to people I dont know. BUT, I think it will be good for me. I need to be accountable to someone other than my husband who loves me too much to be tough on me and keep me in line. And I love that you all focus on the overall health, not just weight loss.

So here I am. Today it starts and today *I* start! :)


  1. Wowzers! You've been busy, busy...for a minute there I thought I was on the wrong blog, LOVE the new design Audrey. I started the challenge this morning, need to come up with a goal. Maybe mine will be to really enjoy the Christmas season. I know, it seems a bit wimpy, but you know how I struggle and whine during the month of December. I'm going for the win this time!

  2. Jaded Butterfly, congrats on the half marathon. That is awesome. I am SO not a runner, though I've occasionally thought about trying it. I still don't think it's for me though. But I admire those who do it, it really takes dedication and determination I think. BTW, I don't really "Know" anybody here, so don't worry about that when you post or comment. I think what really makes this work is the accountability and support. Good luck to you!

  3. jaded Butterfly,
    Nice running on your Turkey Trot and qualifying for your half. 1/2 marathon is next on my list too.

    I also have a hard time taking the weight off. I lost 10 pounds really quickly when I started this summer then hit a plateau that I couldn't budge despite my running and eating right. When fall hit I was so frustrated I had to get away from the numbers so here I am again recommitting and hoping to have some cooperation from my body. I agree it isn't all about the weight but it does help to see results for your efforts. Best of luck in everything.

  4. I just realized that this post was posted by someone new, for some reason I was thinking it was from Audrey...sorry Audrey.

    Welcome Jaded Butterfly, hope you'll post a picture and tell us a bit more about yourself. Don't be shy, we've all shared a lot about ourselves on this blog. You'll find some great new friends and a lot of love and support from this group.

    Like you I have asthma and so running for me is nigh on impossible. I kind of do a jog fast walk thing. I'm so impressed with the running that you are doing and also impressed that you decided to join the challenge.

  5. Welcome to the blog!!

    That's awesome that you are doing the half marathon!! I recently just got a treadmill and really want to start running. I wish I could outside, but unfortunately I live in not the best (but not the worst) neighborhood so I do it all inside. I'm totally out of shape and am the heaviest I've ever been right now. I reeeally want to become a runner but walking is good for me at the moment. haha. Baby steps.

  6. Welcome back to the blog. Sounds like you've been doing amazing things. Running is something many of us want to do and many others that participate do do.

    Opening up on this blog will come naturally with time. Many of us have really put ourselves out there and have received great advice and support. I hope you will find the same.

    Keep working lady. You're headed in the right direction and we're here to help you.

    Best of Luck