Saturday, December 4, 2010

Random Intervention

I'm in a really funky mood today, kind of sassy and mischievous, so I may regret this post, but I feel like chatting nonetheless. I want to eat everthing in the house today!! I'm up to 1259 calories so far, and I feel like I could eat 5000 more!! It's not helping that I haven't exercised, that I'm sitting on my rear end in bed watching episodes of Lie to Me (love that show!) on my laptop, and just want to stuff food in my face when really I should be working on my eBay business, putting listings together for the gobs of stamps and paper sitting in my craftroom and bedroom. The monkeys are jumping on my bed, literally, and I'm sending them out for food from the kitchen like I'm Jabba the Hut or something. Sigh...

Audrey, can't you give us any hints about this secret big prize? Frankly, I was hoping it was going to be a big motivator for me during this difficult and challenging eating season. I hate to sound defeatist, but I'm just trying to hang on to my current weight and not go over 190 by Christmas. Help bring out the competitor in me!! 'Cause she's gone on vacation and she needs to come back and get her rear in gear. Yeah, I sound kind of whiney, I know. But I do need a kick in the pants. Any takers?

2:55pm MST update - the kids just brought me a bag of mini Snickers. I'm doomed!!!

3:10pm MST update - I only ate one 42-calorie piece. Can you believe that?! Then Jabba the Hut made them go fetch an apple. But I don't know how long that health trend will last...

3:20pm MST update - Now I've got some Laughing Cow wedges and Reduced Fat Triscuits. Plural...

4:20pm MST update - Not only am I going to get my rear out of bed, but I'm going to exercise and drink water. But WHILE I watch more episodes on my laptop. Mwuahahahahahah!!!!


  1. Stop eating right now Becky because you know you will regret it. Get out of bed girl and get something done today, something other than eating. Do it NOW! You can do hard things, look how far you've come. Time to get going, I mean it, so start moving and I don't mean your mouth. You know I LOVE ya!

  2. Get a little exercise in right now and hopefully your mind will snap out of it and remember you need WATER and no more food until you're hungry! Jumping jacks, jumping jacks! Now now now!

  3. Good thing tomorrow is fast Sunday :) YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

  4. I LOVE "Lie to Me" and actually just finished out season 2 tonight;)
    As for your Jaba the Hut analogy, I was cracking up over it mostly because I could totally see myself doing the same some days. Hope the end of your day went better and you were super productive.

  5. Loved this blow by blow account. Tell your kiddos to bring you a bag of baby carrots next time and make you run around the house ten times to get it. Kid coaches are brutal, I'm tellin' ya.