Monday, November 29, 2010

The Disney Dining Plan

I've been away far too long. Part of the reason was a trip to see family (including Audrey, the Queen and Dragonfly) and partly because of a week long surprise trip to Disney, our first ever family vacation.

And I just want to say for the record that the Disney Dining plan is way too much food.

A fountain drink and dessert come with lunch and dinner. And the portions were huge. And I felt compelled to eat and drink it because of the price tag. And I don't even drink soda.

A quick glance around Disney World told me that most Americans are on their own version of the Disney Dining Plan 24/7/365. Many parents and grandparents were riding those little motorized carts merely because of their weight. It made me sad to see the obesity epidemic on such a large scale in the happiest place in the world.

So, I'm recommitting to water, exercise and vegetables. Because the magic starts here. With me.


  1. Welcome back Melissa, we missed you! Sounds like some fun trips, makes me want to go on vacation.

  2. It has been almost five years since we took our brood to the Magic Kingdom. I can't remember too much about our Disney Dining plan, except that it was more than enough food. So, did they have healthy choices?

  3. They did have individual fruit items, tiny carrot stick bags and applesauce cups. My kids discovered that carrot sticks in chocolate pudding were tasty.

    My favorite food item was a salad stuffed into a fresh french baguette. I was seriously craving green at that point.

  4. The Happiest Place on Earth isn't the only place that the food epidemic exists. While I'm not thin myself, I am amazed at how many people are obese. It seems that everywhere I look, I see at least 3 out of 5 people that are overweight. As soon as I can (after this baby comes next week and I recover from my c-section), I'm going to get back into the swing of things.

  5. Apis we're glad your back in our Happy Wife Kingdom.