Saturday, December 4, 2010

Audrey's Holiday PartyTips

Last night I attended two holiday week there are more. 'Tis the season right? Well, how do you stay in control? Some of us may think I just enjoy the party because it's the only time I let myself indulge, others of us know if we unleash on the party food there may be no looking back for weeks...

So this morning as I think about my post party diet I've come up with some great ideas. Some that I have learned over the years and some new ones that I think are beneficial.

1. If it's a later party make sure you eat a light dinner before hand including a lot of water. If you can remember that you are full and don't need to eat, maybe you can choose something you really want and stop there. I'm a fan of a protein shake that really fills me up.

2. If you are to bring something to the party make it something healthy that you will want to eat that way you know you have something for sure to nibble on. Build up your healthy appetizer repertoire.

3. Keep a drink in your hand. Preferably water or some other non caloric drink. You're less likely to shove food in your mouth if you're busy drinking.

4. Stay away from things that look like they are store bought and find things that are homemade. Store bought things are going to have more calories and sodium than something someone made at home.

5. Ok, no one is going to like this. Stay away from the cheese. Yep, I said it. High calories, high fat and once you dig in it's hard to stop. If you go for it anyway, limit yourself to one delicious good size bite you can walk away from.

6. Move away from the food. Visit with people away from the food.

7. And last but not least, find a way to exercise earlier in the day so you have a few extra calories to spare. Eat sensibly throughout the day.


  1. Killjoy.

    Especially about the cheese. Sheesh.

    Sorry, I'm feeling rather sassy today. But you are completely right - those are great tips for dealing with holiday parties. I think eating beforehand is a great key. And exercising is a must - I find that on days when I exercise I function better in all aspects of my life, including controlling my appetite.

  2. Party girl that is some really great advice. I haven't been invited to any parties but if I am I'm going to use it.

  3. Thanks for the great tips! My problem tonight was when I got home I ate all the treats I stayed away from at the party ugh!

  4. Audrey, these are great! Thanks so much for sharing them. Probably would have been handy for the party tonight ;) Let's hope they are next time.

  5. Aud, your hair looks so pretty. You straightened it!

  6. Fantastico ideas! My husband brings a cheese ball to every party we go to. It is his favorite thing on the planet and I never buy them. So -- those are tough for me too. Excellent stuff, Audrey, as usual. You guys have such a great blog over here. Has there ever been talk of a gathering of Healthy Wives? Or are you all too spread out?