Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ms. Thunderbumper Challenge #1 Grattitude

I heard a great talk on Sunday about how being grateful and thinking about how grateful we are actually improves our brain capacity...therefore it's healthy. I thought, wow, having gratitude helps us be healthy.

So, this challenge we are going to increase our brain capacity and be grateful.

5 extra points for commenting on this post or 10 points for posting about what you are grateful for.

You have until Sunday to complete this.

I'm grateful for all of you and your participation in this blog!


  1. Hi Audrey, my name is Elle and I am Chelsea's friend. She introduced me to your blog and I have to say that I really do enjoy it. I would love to start the point challenge. With that said, I am thankful for finding your blog and reading all your encouragement. I am also thankful for my health and the desire to always make improvements!

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  3. I actually blogged (a very rare occurrence for me) about this sunday. :) Great minds think alike.

    Truth is, I have too many things to be thankful for... so I'll just name a few. I'm thankful my kids need me (for now) just as much as I need them. I'm thankful that I can usually make all their sandesses, pains, and fears go away with a hug, smile, kiss or gentle touch.

    I'm thankful for finding my soul mate and that he loves me regardless of my flaws and that he is such an amazing man.

    I really am so lucky to have the life I do. I dont have a million bucks. I dont have stunning good looks. I'm not married to one of People's "Hottest Men", but I wouldnt trade my life for any of those things.

  4. Today I am grateful for a warm sturdy house, for Christmas shopping on the internet, for washers and dryers, for cauliflower and chocolate ice cream, for muscles to go the extra mile and my comfy bed, for sleep, for the people in my life and those I have yet to meet who will teach me or nurture me or love me or accept me just as I am or who will make me grateful to be alive and part of God's world. And most importantly, for a God who makes it all possible.

  5. I'm so grateful that my husband has a job. We just spent Thanksgiving with family that is without a employment and it is a true hardship with no prospect in the near future due to the economy and the line of work our BIL does. Though times are tougher for all of us in this economy, I can rest easy at night knowing that there will be healthy food on the table and heat in my house each day.

  6. I'm grateful for my Faith/ Jesus, Family, Friends, Health and Electicity.

    I'm grateful for this here:

  7. I'm grateful for life in general. It may not be perfect but I certainly feel like my Heavenly Father is watching out for me and truly blessing my family. I am grateful for my husband and children. I seriously have the BEST husband in the world. I know many of you might want to disagree but I honestly do. He is my perfect partner. I am grateful for Christ, and this time of year to honor him. I am grateful for my HWHL gals. Thanks for your support, encouragement, acceptance and love.