Saturday, October 9, 2010

We just got done with another race! It was really fun pinning the bibs onto my 4 children this morning for the kids run. They loved the race and asked if we could do it again next week. I promised we would do it again next year. I am so glad they are catching on to the energy and fun of racing. Chad was so kind to sit out this year and be the responsible adult so we all could run.

I came down with and awful cold this week...and was a bit worried last night as I went to bed with an aching body and tissue stuffed up my nose. I probably should have not gone today, but I really wanted to qualify for the dc National Half Marathon, and I was worried about it filling up before I could find another race to run.

There is just something magical about racing. Every time I cross the finish line, I get really emotional. Today I felt so silly as I held back tears when I saw the finish line approaching. When I saw my time, I couldn't hold back any longer. I walked up to Chad and my kids and just sobbed. The look on their faces told me they didn't know what to think of me. My goal was to finish in 32 minutes, which is the cut off for qualifying for the Half Marathon. When I crossed the finish line, the clock read 23 minutes. The fastest guy was 15 minutes and the fastest girl was 17 minutes. Crazy huh! The last time I ran a 5k my time was 35 minutes.

I'm way too emotional.

But happy.

I got home and loaded up on the advil to bring my fever down, and I am feeling good. It's good to know that the runners high still comes even if you are sick.

Now for a few days of resting and snuggling my kids, then back to reality!

Thanks for letting me share this with you guys. It's nice having a whole blog of cheerleaders!


  1. OH MY! WOW! That is crazy Marci. I loved the fact that your kids ran too. What a great example you are. But, wow, I don't even know words to say how excited I am for you on your time! That is incredible!

  2. What a beautiful day for an amazing run. I actually hear it's good to exercise when you've got a cold. Hope you feel better soon! You amazing runner you!

  3. Running with a cold?! Now that's dedication and perseverance! I think it's perfectly fine to weep with joy after putting in such an awesome time! It's a much needed emotional release after tough-minded physically exhausting hard work. Way to go Marci!

  4. Way to go Marci! What a fun family event and congrats on an AWESOME time!

    I have a quick question for you, I am seriously thinking about trying some Vibrams, what model did you get and how are they holding up against wear?

  5. One more thing I forgot to ask if you wear socks with your vibrams or not?

  6. I actually hadvto tell my mom about your time and being sick. So amazing!

  7. Yes, I too love how you are setting a good example for your kids. I hope I'm doing the same for mine. And awesome time!! You make me want to scout around for another race to run. I wonder what southern Utah has going on during winter?

  8. Wow Marci, terrific time. Your fever must have powered you up girl! I love that it was a family affair. You look amazing by the way and an inspiration to us all!

  9. Thanks you guys for all the positive comments. They really buoy me up!

    Cammy, I have the kso's, and I love them. They make running so much fun. Time just flies by, and you have to be careful not to go farther than your feet and legs are ready. I heard the sprints are nice too. They just came out with one specifically for running called the Bikila. A neighbor has been running in those for about 6 months and loves them.

    Mine have worn very well. I've put about 300 miles on them, and they seem just as good as the day I bought them. There is a guy who blogs about his vibrams. He keeps a log of his running miles and he was up to 900 last I checked. Regular running shoes need to be replaced about every 3-4 months...depending on how many miles you are putting on them. With Vibrams, the more miles you put on them, the better they feel. I think the only reason you would need to replace them is if they rip or get a hole. Mine are doing just fine, but I have heard of people having to sew closed little holes in the fabric parts.

    I don't wear socks with mine. My feet were too fat to fit socks, otherwise I was planning on running in socks. Now though, I enjoy being barefoot so much in them that I couldn't imagine wearing socks. I don't get sweaty in them, but they will start to stink after a while. THe good news is that they wash really well, and a lot of people have two pair so they can wash them after every run then use the other pair while the first is drying out. I wash mine about once a week, and that seems to work just fine. Usually on Saturday so they are dry before my Monday run.

    Call me if you get some. There are some important things to know before you start running in them in order to prevent injury. Oh, and I would buy them from REI. They have a 100% guarantee, so if you don't like them, you can return them any time, even if you have used them for a couple of months. I bought two different sized online and then had them sent to my house. Shipping was free because of our rei membership, but if you don't have one, you can still have it sent for free to rei and pick them up there. I used one of the pairs for about 1 months, and then tried the other pair, and like the fit much better so I sent the first pair back and got a full refund. Nice huh! That way you can be sure to get the right size.

    Wow, that was a mouth full.

    Anyway, I love you all! Thanks for all the support and kind words. You all make me want to be better.

  10. WAY TO GO MARCI!! What a great race and being sick while you did it WOW! I can't wait to hear how your 1/2 goes. I seriously need to try these vibrams out. You should be VERY PROUD!!! Way to go :)

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