Friday, October 8, 2010

Don't Panic

I'm not having a mental breakdown, I'm just spread too thin. It's one of my weaknesses/faults, that I try to do too much in the same 24 hours that we all have. I have bit off more than I could chew trying to figure out how to bring in an extra income for our family, and I have yet to find balance. That's all. Some things are slipping through the cracks, and the race was just one of them. I'm still a fighter, still stubbornly plowing on, so nobody worry if I'm about to lose it.

Just pray for me. I like that idea. We should all pray for each other, and maybe if we don't hit upon the inspiration for ourselves, we can provide inspiration for each other. That's one of the blessings of this blog. So, thanks, ahead of time. And I'm looking forward to more great posts!


  1. I agree! I'll pray for you Becky. Life is crazy...and prayer goes a long way. Were you able to run or swim today? Hope you had a good day.

  2. Sorry to hear things that things have been so hectic lately. Its never fun when life feels unbalanced.

    I may be overstepping my bounds here by writing this, especially since I have no background on your finances, but maybe you can evaluate your budget and see if you can cut back spending in some places rather than stressing out trying to create more income. Of course this is merely a suggestion from someone who really doesn't understand your financial situation. I truly hope this doesn't cause offense.

    Hope things start calming down and looking up.

  3. Becky simplify, prioritize and delegate. And when you delegate don't redo what you've delegated to others. I'm concerned that you are trying to "run faster" than any human is able. We all try to be Super Woman and most of the time I think we succeed, but one does have to remember, that we are really just human.

  4. Becky, I'm gonna write this here because I know Zen never reads this. And I know I'm a broken record, but let me just be a pain in the arse and ask you this question:

    How many years did you fight me on the anti-depressant thing? And how long after you started taking it did you think, "Why didn't I do this years ago?" Now, apply that same conclusion to Zen taking over the money. It's a scary change, but frankly, he needs to man up and take over so you can be mentally and emotionally free to accomplish other good things in your life, like showering attention on your children and including them as you become a healthier you.

    Geez, I'm bossy!