Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I was inspired by one of you to dip my toes in here for twenty minutes. I swam 500 yards of breast stroke (also known as 20 minutes of swimming and that after 20 minutes on the elliptical). And I was totally wiped out...but loving every minute of it. Thank you for inspiring me to go to the pool without my kids. First time ever.

Maybe you will be inspired this week and try something new.

{Ahem, Becky.}


  1. Funny, I swam laps today too! Only a few since I lifted weights and did the elliptical this morning but it was a nice change. I makes me wonder how my boys swim so long every week.

  2. Swimming is my most intimidating sport! I think I can doggie paddle. Does that count as swimming laps?

  3. And I'd like to thank the Academy for...

    Just kidding.

    What I love about being in the pool is the way the world gets shut out (especially if you wear ear plugs, like I do, because I hate water in my ears.) It's kind of meditative. I find myself working through lots of things in my head, without any interruptions. So awesome!

    Don't worry about being Speedy Gonzalez, or having great swimming form. I started swimming with my own made-up strokes, then several months later went to classic freestyle, or crawl. Just find your own rhythm, and enjoy a swim! Then, if you enjoy a few rounds with the pool, you can start perfecting your form and increasing your speed over time.

  4. I couldn't swim 20 minutes if my life depended on it, thank goodness it doesn't. Good for you though, I'm totally impressed!