Monday, October 4, 2010

One small step at a time

The past two challenges, I've missed my 30 point goal. And why? Because I have too many little mini-events and deadline goals that MUST be done that I can't figure a way to add another one in there that's really doable. In short, I've aimed too high. So this time, I'm going to pick two or three from the list below and repeat the following mantra in my head daily: "Little goals are challenging too."

1) change out the dead light bulbs
2) clean up the countertop clutter
3) email two friends out of the blue
4) clean with my kids for an hour
5) toss 10 magazines/catalogues
6) find the lost library book
7) meet the husband at the door with a kiss
8) see if the winter coats still fit the winkies
9) donate or throw away 5 things in the garage
10) begin contemplating a Christmas plan (just typing that made me shiver)

What little goals do you hope to accomplish this week?


  1. the little goals are the ones that always stack up.

  2. I like this list. I just might steal it and start checking things off. Especially the Christmas part...wouldn't it be nice to get that done early?

  3. Sometimes just getting a few seemingly insignificant "honey-do's" done can add up to a big sigh of relief. Finding a way to maintain the little things can bring serenity to the life of a busy mother. If you find that way, please let me know!

  4. I know, there are always a million little things that need to get done. So frustrating! How many can be reassigned to other people? I find myself trying to do too many things ALL THE TIME, and I bet I could get someone to help me. But, unfortunately, I'm not willing to spend the time training other people, and it's just too convenient in the short run to do my list all by myself, even though it's not the best plan in the long run. Gotta work on that.

  5. Melissa-I love your posts. They are always so inspiring! Wish I could be inspired by you in person!

  6. Alicia,
    You're welcome here! =-) I'm in Ohio if you're ever heading that way. Thanks for the kind words.

  7. I feel a great sense of accomplishment even when I'm doing small task. It's another thing out of the way or that makes the simple pleasures in life important.

    I have to make list of everything to remind me of what I really want to do and what actually gets done. I like the kiss your husband at the's always important to remember them in our busy days as moms.

    I've been working on getting to bed earlier (again) with success but that means some things just have to wait until tomorrow.

  8. Nothing feels better than crossing off all those "little projects" on my list. How to eat an bite at a time. Don't under estimate a few projects done each day. Put your timer on for 15 minutes and totally focus on one area and you will be surprised how much you can accomplish. Over time this adds up and you can see the difference. Becky it is very important to teach your kids to help. They will thank you in the long run. One thing we did when the kids were little, was to do a whole house pick up just before bed time. It was better to have the back packs by the door, the house ready for a new day, clothes were put away or in the laundry, sink shined (see and you feel so much better and it's not all left for you to do when they are in bed. Try it, you'll like it.